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1. What are two unique characteristics of half-duplex Ethernet when compared to full-duplex Ethernet?

2. Convert 10000100.11010010.10111000.10100110 to decimal IP format.

3. Which layer is represented by packets?

4. Convert to binary format.

5. Which layer is represented by segments?

6. This device can never run full duplex.

7. Name three types of connections that can use full duplex.

8. Which layer provides the physical transmission of the data and handles error notification - network topology - and flow control?

9. Convert 10000100.11010010.01000011.10110011 to hexadecimal format.

10. How does a host on an Ethernet LAN know when to transmit after a collision has occurred? (Name two)

11. Which layer is used for reliable communication between end nodes over the network and provides mechanisms for establishing - maintaining - and terminating virtual circuits; transport-fault detection recovery; and controlling the flow of information?

12. This layer creates a virtual circuit before transmitting between two end stations.

13. This device sends and receives information about the Network layer.

14. Logical addressing is used at this layer.

15. This device creates one big collision domain and one large broadcast domain.

16. This device can measure the distance to a remote network.

17. Convert 11001010.11110101.10000011.11101011 to hexadecimal format.

18. At which layer is routing implemented - enabling connections and path selection between two end systems?

19. Which layer combines bits into bytes and bytes into frames - uses MAC addressing - and provides error detection?

20. This layer uses service access points.

21. You have the following binary number: 10110111 - What are the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents?

22. This layer supports flow control and sequencing.

23. This device uses hardware addresses to filter a network.

24. What are two purposes for segmentation with a bridge?

25. Which layer ensures the trustworthy transmission of data across a physical link and is primarily concerned with physical addressing - line discipline - network topology - error notification - ordered delivery of frames - and flow control?


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