Comptia A Exam
CompTIA A+ Exam
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. How Much Data Can A Single Layer Of A Standard Dvd Hold?

2. Prevents Loss Of Data Stored In The Write Cache.

3. Which Of The Following Graphics Interface Connectors Produces An Analog Signal?

4. Which Of The Following Is The Most Secure Protocol Used For Encryption In A Wireless Network?

5. Which Of The Following Connectors Are Used With Fiber-optic Cables?

6. Which Of The Following Memory Types Uses Ground Lines And Is Packaged On A 184-pin Dimm Module?

7. In Which Of The Following Conditions Does Bios Need To Be Updated?

8. You Work In A Company That Accesses The Internet Frequently. This Makes The Company's Network Vulnerable To Attacks. You Want To Protect Your Company's Network From External Attacks. Which Of The Following Will You Use To Accomplish The Task?

9. Which Of The Following Is Configured To Stop Suspicious Or Unsolicited Incoming Traffic - But Allow Incoming Traffic Sent As A Response To Requests From Internal Hosts?

10. Your Wireless Network Is Configured With Wep Encryption And Has A Limited Number Of Users. You Notice That There Are Some Unauthorized Connections On Your Access Point. Which Of The Following Steps Will You Take To Enhance The Security Of Your Network?

11. Which Of The Following Classes Of Ip Address Allows Highest Numbers Of Hosts Per Network?

12. You're Working With A Laser Printer. Which Of The Following Components Offers The Greatest Risk To Technicians?

13. Which Of The Following Options Describes Video Resolution?

14. Which Of The Following Global Navigation Satellite Systems Has Maximum Number Of Satellites?

15. Which Of The Following Are The Requirements Of An Audio/Video Editing Workstation?

16. Which Of The Following Are The Differences Between L2 And L1 Cache Level?

17. Which Of The Following Is Not Held In The Cmos Memory While The System Power Is Off?

18. Which Of The Following Displays Uses Organic Compounds And Is Currently Utilized In Computer Monitors - Tablets - And Mobile Phones?

19. Which Of The Following Are The Differences Between Solid State Drive (Ssd) And Hard Disk Drive (Hdd) Storage Devices?

20. Which Optical Disc Type Has The Ability To Erase The Disc And Write To It Again Multiple Times?

21. Andrew Configures A Hard Disk Drive And A Serial Port On His Computer's Bios. Where Does Bios Save This Information?

22. What Screen Size Typically Identifies A Computer As A Tablet?

23. Which Tcp/Ip Protocol Uses Port 110?

24. Which Of The Following Is The Most Secure Among The Following Encryption Algorithms?

25. Which Of The Following Networking Devices Can Send Packets To The Correct Local Area Network Segment To Take Them To Their Destination?


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