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CompTIA A+ Exam
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CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. Which Of The Following Cannot Be The Cause Of Paper Jams In A Laser Printer?

2. Which Of The Following Allows For Ad Hoc Data Transfer Between Two Nfc Enabled Devices?

3. Which Of The Following Layers Of The Osi Model Controls The Data Flow And Troubleshoots Any Problems With Transmitting Or Receiving Datagrams?

4. Which Of The Following Is A Windows Command-line Utility Used To Determine The Route Data Takes To Get To A Particular Destination?

5. Which Of The Following Are The Components Of An Optimal Home Theater?

6. Which Of The Following Is A Valid Ip Address Assigned Through Apipa?

7. Which Of The Following Statements Are True Of Wired Equivalent Privacy (Wep)?

8. What Is The Physical Component Where Data Is Stored In A Hdd?

9. What Differentiates A Solid-state Drive From A Conventional Hard Disk Drive?

10. Which Of The Following Custom Configurations Has A Chassis With The Smallest Dimensions?

11. Which Of The Following Types Of Display Is Not Suitable For Laptops Due To High Power Consumption?

12. Which Of The Following Raid Levels Creates A Stripe Set But Does Not Provide Data Redundancy?

13. Which Is The Number Of Pixels That Make Up The Dimension Of A Display - Represented In A Ratio Value As The Number Of Horizontal Pixels By Vertical Pixels?

14. You Are Working With An Older Laser Printer. Customers Are Complaining Of Printer Problems. Upon Investigation - You Notice That The Printer Has Worn Pickup Rollers. What Problem Could This Cause?

15. What Are The Various Standards For Sodimm?

16. Which Of The Following Classes Of Ip Address Allows Highest Numbers Of Hosts Per Network?

17. Which Of The Following Is Not Held In The Cmos Memory While The System Power Is Off?

18. Which Of The Following Are The System Requirements For Thin Clients?

19. What Type Of Printer Can Use Ink That Comes In A Wax Form?

20. Adrian Knows The Host Names Of All The Computers On His Network. He Wants To Find The Ip Addresses Of These Computers. Which Of The Following Tcp/Ip Utilities Can He Use To Find The Ip Addresses Of These Computers Remotely From His Computer?

21. Jennifer - A User - Has A Windows 8 Based Computer. She Needs To Print A Document But The Printer Does Not Print It. She Had Just Printed Other Documents Successfully Minutes Before. What Is The Most Likely Cause Of This Problem?

22. Which Of The Following Are Languages Used To Communicate With A Printer?

23. You Work As Network Administrator For Infonet Inc. The Company Uses Wired Equivalent Privacy (Wep) For Wireless Security. Who Among The Following Can Authenticate From The Access Point Of The Network?

24. Which Of The Following Are Coaxial Cable Connection Hardware Used In Networks?

25. Webcam


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