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CompTIA A+ Exam
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CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. What Are The Specific Requirements For The Virtualization Workstation?

2. Which Of The Following Ports Are Able To Transfer Data At The Rate Of 400 Mbps And More?

3. Which Of The Following Processor Sockets Is Used By Core I7 9xx Series Extreme Edition Cpus For Desktops And By Xeon Processors For Workstations And Servers?

4. Which Two Components Need To Support Hardware-based Virtualization?

5. Which Of The Following Is Not Held In The Cmos Memory While The System Power Is Off?

6. Jennifer - A Network Administrator - Is Implementing Disk Redundancy In All Database Servers. She Also Wants To Use Minimum Number Of Disks. Which Of The Following Raid Configurations Will She Use To Complete Implementation?

7. The Parameter With The Ipconfig Command Clears And Resets The Parameter With The Ipconfig Command Clears And Resets The

8. How Much Data Can A Single Layer Of A Standard Dvd Hold?

9. Which Of The Following Allows For Reducing The Operating Frequency Of The Cpu During Times Of Less Demand Or During Battery Operation?

10. Which Of The Following Cables Use Bnc Connectors?

11. Which Of The Following Displays Is Used In Laptops And Consumes The Least Power?

12. Which Layer Of The Osi Model Consists Of Bit-level Data Streams And Regulates Their Transmission Over A Cable Or Wireless Medium?

13. Which Of The Following Is An Error-checking Scheme That Is Not Capable Of Error Correction And Sometimes Implemented In Main Memory?

14. The ______________ Of A Display Describes The Proportional Relationship Between Its Width And Its Height.

15. Which Of The Following Are Different Link Widths Supported By Pcie?

16. Which Of The Following Is The Most Common Cause Of Lcd Display Failure?

17. A Company Named Money Builders Inc. Hires You To Provide Assistance For Setting Up Their Windows Network. The Company's Server Room Will Be In A Highly Secured Environment. You Are Required To Suggest An Authentication Method For It. The Cfo Of The Company Wants The Server To Use Thumb Impressions For Authentication. Which Of The Following Authentication Methods Will You Suggest?

18. Which Of The Following Types Of Printer Supports Continuous-feed Paper?

19. Your Customer's Computer Keeps Losing System Date And Time - As Well As Other Core Settings. He Has Re-entered The Bios Settings And Booted The Computer. You've Determined That You Need To Replace The Cmos Battery. What Should Be Your First Step?

20. Which Of The Following Are The Important Hardware Components That Needs To Be Addressed In Cad/Cam Workstations?

21. You Work As Network Administrator For Tech Perfect Inc. The Company Has A Tcp/Ip-based Network. You Want To Know The Current Tcp/Ip Network Configuration Settings - Dhcp Server Ip Address - And Dhcp Lease Expiration Date Of Your Network. Which Of The Following Utilities Will You Use?

22. Which Of The Following Security Protocols Is Supported By Wi-fi Protected Access (Wpa)?

23. Which Of The Following Raid Levels Creates A Stripe Set But Does Not Provide Data Redundancy?

24. Which Of The Following Is Configured To Stop Suspicious Or Unsolicited Incoming Traffic - But Allow Incoming Traffic Sent As A Response To Requests From Internal Hosts?

25. Which Socket Type Is Used By Intel's Central Processing Units To Support The Haswell And Broadwell Processors?


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