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CompTIA A+ Exam
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CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. Which Of The Following Acronyms Represents The Extensible Technology That Supersedes And Improves Upon The Role That The Bios Plays In Traditional Systems?

2. Which Of The Following Standard Technologies Is Not Used To Interface The Hard Disk With The Computer?

3. After Resolving A Paper Jam Issue On A Laser Printer - Which Of The Following Actions Will You Take To Ensure That The Printer Is Working Properly?

4. Which Of The Following Interfaces Allows Audio To Be Sent Out Over The Same Cabling Infrastructure As Video?

5. Which Of The Following Determines The Orientation Of A Device With A Sensor?

6. You Work As Network Administrator For Ucertify Inc. You've Purchased A New Laptop. When You Turn On Your Laptop - The Display On Your Laptop Appears Warped And Fuzzy. You Plug In An External Monitor - And The Display Appears Fine On It. What Is The Most Likely The Cause Of This Problem?

7. Which Of The Following Is A Display Standard Implemented With A 15 Pin De 15 Connector?

8. Which Of The Following Manages Data Flow Between The Computer's Operating System And Attached Devices?

9. Which Of The Following Removes The Charges From The Drum In The Process Of Printing Through A Laser Printer?

10. Which Of The Following Is Used For Musical Equipment And Defines The Format Of The Data Sent And The Format In Which The Sounds Are Stored?

11. The _________ Is The Measurement Of The Number Of Pixels An Lcd Monitor Can Display Without The Image Appearing Distorted.

12. Which Of The Following Is Used To Enable Both Analog And Digital Display Devices To Use A Single Connector?

13. Which Of The Following Uses Digital Signals And Provides An Interface Between Any Audio/Video Source And An Audio And/Or Video Monitor Over A Single Cable?

14. Which Of The Following Statements Are True Of Wired Equivalent Privacy (Wep)?

15. You Work As An It Technician For Ucertify Inc. You Want To Add A Company Video From A Video Cassette To The Website Of The Company. Which Of The Following Devices Will You Use To Complete This Task?

16. You're Working With A Company That Depends On Real Time Data Being Available To Employees - Thus Performance Is An Issue. The Company Is Trying To Select The Best Method For Handling The Situation Of A Hard Drive Crashing. Which Of The Following Would You Recommend To The Company?

17. You're Working With A Laser Printer. Which Of The Following Components Offers The Greatest Risk To Technicians?

18. Which Of The Following Are The Types Of The Ieee 1394 Connectors?

19. A Pentium D Processor Can Be Installed On Which Of The Following Sockets Or Slot Types?

20. You're Working With A Printer That Has A Failed Transfer Corona. Which Of The Following Is A Function Of Transfer Corona In The Laser Printer?

21. You Pick Up A Sheet Just Printed With A Laser Printer - Run Your Thumb Over It - And The Toner Comes On Your Thumb. This Shows That The ________ Of The Printer Is Malfunctioning.

22. You Have A Customer Who Cannot Seem To Resolve Host Names To Ip Addresses. What Would Be One Of Your Firststeps To Try To Diagnose This Problem?

23. Which Of The Following Is A Form Of Microprocessor Parallelization Where Each Physical Processor Is Treated As Two Virtual Processors?

24. John Works As A Office Assistant In Ucertify Inc. He Has Windows 8.1 Installed On His Computer. The Computer Has Multiple Printers Installed. He Complains That Whenever He Uses A Print Command To Print A Document - He Is Asked To Select A Printer Before Printing. He Wants The Printing To Be Performed Automatically On The Printer - Which Is Physically Attached To His Computer. What Will He Do To Accomplish This?

25. Which Of The Following Is An Enclosure That Is Used To Move Air For Heating - Cooling - Or Humidity Control In A Building?

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