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CompTIA A+ Exam
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CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. Which Of The Following Is Used To Control The Connections Between The Processor And The Agp Slot On A Motherboard?

2. Andrew Reports That Her Laptop's Lcd Screen Display Is Blurred. What Is The Mostlikely Cause Of The Issue?

3. What Are The Specific Requirements For The Virtualization Workstation?

4. Which Of The Following Allows Two Program Threads To Be Processed By A Single Processor Simultaneously?

5. Which Network Card Property Allows Nics To Prioritize And Manage Data Traffic To Fully Support The Networking Needs For All Devices Connected?

6. Selena Wants To Install Two Video Cards On A Computer For High Quality Video Graphic Games. Which Of The Following Does She Need For This Task?

7. You Work As Technician For Tech Perfect Inc. You Are Required To Repair A Laptop. For This - You Need To Disassemble The Laptop. What Should Be Your First Step When You Start Disassembling Your Laptop?

8. You Work As An It Technician For Ucertify Inc. You Want To Add A Company Video From A Video Cassette To The Website Of The Company. Which Of The Following Devices Will You Use To Complete This Task?

9. You're Working With A Company That Depends On Real Time Data Being Available To Employees - Thus Performance Is An Issue. The Company Is Trying To Select The Best Method For Handling The Situation Of A Hard Drive Crashing. Which Of The Following Would You Recommend To The Company?

10. Jennifer Has A Laptop That Has A Pata Controller. She Wants To Add A Sata Hard Drive For Storage. Which Of The Following Actions Will She Take To Accomplish The Task?

11. Which Of The Following Refers To A Single Memory Module Playing The Role Of Two Separate Modules?

12. What Type Of Connectors Are Available In A Parallel Printer Cable?

13. Which Of The Following Are The Benefits Of A Thin Client - N-tier Architecture Over A Thick Client - Two-tier Architecture?

14. Which Of The Following Custom Configurations Has A Chassis With The Smallest Dimensions?

15. Which Network Connectivity Consist Of Point-to-point Or Point-to-multipoint Connections Between Two Or More Lans?

16. Which Of The Following Are The System Requirements For Thin Clients?

17. Which Of The Following Interfaces Allows Audio To Be Sent Out Over The Same Cabling Infrastructure As Video?

18. Which Of The Following Are The Differences Between Solid State Drive (Ssd) And Hard Disk Drive (Hdd) Storage Devices?

19. The 5 Gbps Data Rate Of Usb 3.0 Is Also Known By Which Name?

20. Which Of The Following Are The Advantages Of Sata Over Pata?

21. Which Of The Following Laptop Components Is Described In The Statement Below? It Is A Pointing Device That Consists Of Specialized Surface That Can Translate The Motion And Position Of A Users Finfgers To A Relative Position On Screen

22. Which Of The Following Are Wireless Security Protocols?

23. Which Of The Following Protocols Can Be Used By A Client To Send Email To An Email Server?

24. How Many Maximum Device(S) Can Be Connected To A Sata 300 Port?

25. Which Of The Following Is A Company That Provides Direct Access To The Internet For Home And Business Computer Users?

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