Comptia A Exam
CompTIA A+ Exam
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. Which Layer Translates The Application Layer Data Into An Intermediate Form That Both Client And Server Can Process?

2. Which Of The Following Devices Are Used By Microprocessors To Prevent It From Overheating?

3. What Is The Term For The Concentric Magnetic Rings On The Surface Of A Disk Platter?

4. You Work As Network Administrator For Ucertify Inc. You Want To Check Whether The Website "Ucertify.Com" Is Reachable Or Not. Execute The Appropriate Command To Accomplish The Task.

5. You Work As It Technician For Ucertify Inc. The Company Has A Network Consisting Of A Hundred Computers Including A Dns Server And A Dhcp Server. All Client Computers Run On Windows 8. John - A Newly Appointed It Technician - Wants To Know The Host Name - Ip Address - And The Physical Address Configurations Of The Computer He Is Using. Which Of The Following Commands Will You Tell Him To Use To Obtain The Required Information?

6. How Many Pins Are Available In Ddr2 Ram That Is Used In Laptops?

7. You Work As Technician For Media Perfect Inc. A User Complains About A Laser Printer That Whenever He Prints A Document - A Vertical Line On The Document Appears On All Pages. Which Of The Following Steps Will You Take To Resolve The Issue?

8. Which Of The Following Video Standards Is Not Likely To Support High-definition 1080p Resolution?

9. You Purchase A New 300 Gb Hard Disk To Replace An Older 50 Gb Hard Disk. But Your System Does Not Support The 300 Gb Hard Disk. So You Decide To Upgrade The Bios. What Will You Do To Accomplish The Task?

10. Which Of The Following Protocols Can Be Used By A Client To Retrieve Email From A Server?

11. Which Of The Following Devices Takes Advantage Of Plug And Play While Power Is Applied To The System?

12. Which Of The Following Connectors Is Also Known As Ps/2?

13. You Pick Up A Sheet Just Printed With A Laser Printer - Run Your Thumb Over It - And The Toner Comes On Your Thumb. This Shows That The ________ Of The Printer Is Malfunctioning.

14. What Is The Capacity Of A Single Layer Dvd R Optical Media?

15. Andrew Configures A Hard Disk Drive And A Serial Port On His Computer's Bios. Where Does Bios Save This Information?

16. Which Of The Following Displays Uses Organic Compounds And Is Currently Utilized In Computer Monitors - Tablets - And Mobile Phones?

17. Which Of The Following Is Used To Control The Connections Between The Processor And The Agp Slot On A Motherboard?

18. Which Of The Following Features Are Incorporated In Usb 3.0 Technology?

19. Which Of The Following Allows For Ad Hoc Data Transfer Between Two Nfc Enabled Devices?

20. Which Of The Following Iphone Versions Have Near Field Communication (Nfc)?

21. Which Of The Following Are Wireless Security Protocols?

22. Which Unique Address Is A 128-bit Address Written In Hexadecimal?

23. Which Of The Following Can Deliver Up To Eight Channels Of Digital Audio In Addition To Video?

24. Which Of The Following Are The Differences Between Ddr2 Sdram And Ddr3 Sdram?

25. Smith - A Network Administrator - Wants To Display The Ip Address Of A Host Name - Or The Host Name Of An Ip Address. Which Of The Following Utilities Will He Use?


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