Comptia A Exam
CompTIA A+ Exam
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CompTIA A+ Exam |

1. Which Of The Following Types Of Storage Devices Cannot Be Used In Raid?

2. Which Of The Following Can Be Used As A Physical Authentication Token For Accessing Computers - Rooms - Or Buildings?

3. Which Controls Input/Output Functions - The System Clock - Drives And Buses - Advanced Power Management (Apm) - And Various Other Devices?

4. You Work As Network Administrator For Blue Well Inc. The Company Has A Windows-based Network. Sofia - A Sales Manager - Has To Print Some Reports Everyday. You Have Just Finished By Installing A Network Printer On Sofia's Computer. What Will You Do Before Leaving?

5. What Is The Data Throughput Provided By One Isdn Bearer Channel?

6. On Which Port Does Ftp Run By Default?

7. Which Of The Following Statements Are True Of Wired Equivalent Privacy (Wep)?

8. You Work As Network Administrator For Mcneil Inc. The Company Has A Windows-based Network. All Client Computers On The Network Run Windows Vista. You've Configured A Network Projector On The Network. You Try To Connect To The Network Projector By Using The Connect To A Network Projector Wizard. You Are Able To Connect To The Projector But Unable To Do Anything Else. You Verify That The Projector Is Turned On. What Is The Most Likely Cause?

9. You Work As Network Architect For Tech Perfect Inc. You're Designing A Storage Area Network To Connect Hosts To Storage Devices. You Want Most Of The Data To Be Stored Using Hard Disk Drives. Which Of The Following Types Of Interface Should You Use To Connect Host Bus Adapters To The Hard Disk Drives?

10. What Peripheral Port Type Is Expandable Using A Hub - Operates At 1.5 Mbps - And Is Used To Connect Various Devices (From Printers To Cameras) To Pcs?

11. Which Of The Following Socket Types Is A 906-pin Desktop Socket For Steamroller-based Apus Kaveri And Godavari?

12. You Work As Technician For Troubleshooters Inc. A User Named David Calls You And Complains That His Laser Printer Has Recently Started Printing Vertical Black Lines On The Documents It Prints. You Verify That The Printer Uses The Ep Print Process. What Is The Most Likely Cause?

13. You Work As Network Administrator For Nettech Inc. The Company Has A Wireless Local Area Network (Wlan). You Want To Prevent Your Wireless Access Point From Being Accessed By Intruders. What Will You Do To Accomplish The Task?

14. What Do You Need To Be Able To Decode Ntsc Transmissions For Viewing On A Computer?

15. You Work As Technician For Media Perfect Inc. A User Complains About A Laser Printer That Whenever He Prints A Document - A Vertical Line On The Document Appears On All Pages. Which Of The Following Steps Will You Take To Resolve The Issue?

16. Which Of The Following Are The Advantages Of Solid-state Drives Over Hard Disk Drives?

17. Which Of The Following Refers To A Single Memory Module Playing The Role Of Two Separate Modules?

18. Which Of The Following Allows For Reducing The Operating Frequency Of The Cpu During Times Of Less Demand Or During Battery Operation?

19. Which Of The Following Usb Versions Has A Maximum Data Transfer Rate Of 480 Mbps?

20. Which Of The Following Acronyms Represents The Extensible Technology That Supersedes And Improves Upon The Role That The Bios Plays In Traditional Systems?

21. The Most Recognizable Aspect Of Subnetting Is The Subnet Mask. Adding The Subnet Mask - Or Netmask - Gives You All The Information You Need To Calculate Network And Host Portions Of The Address With Ease. Which Of The Following Statements Bestdefines Subnet Masks?

22. What Differentiates A Solid-state Drive From A Conventional Hard Disk Drive?

23. You Are Working With An Older Laser Printer. Customers Are Complaining Of Printer Problems. Upon Investigation - You Notice That The Printer Has Worn Pickup Rollers. What Problem Could This Cause?

24. Which Of The Following Networking Devices Can Send Packets To The Correct Local Area Network Segment To Take Them To Their Destination?

25. Which Of The Following Is Not Held In The Cmos Memory While The System Power Is Off?

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