General Knowledge

50 Important -Ology Words You Should Know


agrology: agriculture ecology: the environment
anthropology: humans embryology: embryos
arachnology: spiders endocrinology: glands and hormones
archaeology: ancient civilizations entomology: insects
bacteriology: bacteria epidemiology: epidemics
biology: living things epistemology: knowledge
bryology: bryophytes (mosses, lichens) eschatology: the end of the world
cardiology: the heart ethnology: race and culture
cetology: marine mammals ethology: animal behavior
climatology: climates etiology: the causes of disease
cosmology: the cosmos etymology: word history
criminology: crime exobiology: life on other planets
cryology: subfreezing temperatures gastroenterology: the stomach and
cryptology: codes intestines
cytology: cells gemology: gemstones
dendrology: trees genealogy: family trees
dermatology: the skin geology: the Earth
gerontology: aging neurology: the nerves
graphology: handwriting odontology: the teeth
gynecology: women oncology: cancer
heliology: the sun ontology: existence
hematology: blood oology: eggs
hepatology: the liver ophthalmology: the eyes
herpetology: reptiles and amphibians ornithology: birds
histology: tissues orology: mountains
horology: timepieces osteology: bones
hydrology: water otology: the ears
ichnology: fossil tracks and burrows paleontology: fossils
ichthyology: fish parasitology: parasites
immunology: the immune system pathology: disease
kinesiology: movement pedology: soil
kymatology: waves petrology: rocks
malacology: mollusks pharmacology: drugs
mammalogy: mammals phonology: phonics
meteorology: weather phrenology: the skull’s shape
metrology: measurement physiology: bodies
microbiology: microbes phytology: plants
mineralogy: minerals pneumology: the lungs
morphology: grammatical forms primatology: primates
musicology: music psychology: mental function
mycology: fungi pyrology: heat or fever
myrmecology: ants radiology: radiation
mythology: myths rheology: flow
nanotechnology: microscopic machines rheumatology: rheumatic diseases
neonatology: newborns rhinology: the nose
nephology: clouds seismology: earthquakes
nephrology: the kidneys selenology: the moon
semiology: signs and symbols theology: God
serology: blood serum topology: geometric connections
sinology: China toxicology: poisons
sociobiology: the effect of evolution traumatology: injuries
on behavior typology: classification
sociology: society urology: the urogenital tract
speleology: caves virology: viruses
stomatology: the mouth vulcanology: volcanoes
symptomatology: symptoms xenobiology: extraterrestrials
synecology: communal relationships xylology: wood
teleology: purposes and ends zoology: animals
teratology: monsters zymology: fermentation

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