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75+ 'First Women' in India

First Woman President of Republic of India: Smt. Pratibha Patil

First Woman Prime Minister: Indira Gandhi

First Woman (India and World) who crossed English Channel through Swimming: Arati Shah

First Woman Governor: Sarojini Naidu (U. P.)

First Woman I. P. S.: Kiran Bedi

First Woman President of National Congress: Annee Besant

First Woman Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission: Rose William Baithu

First Woman Winner of Nobel Prize: Mother Terresa (for peace)

First Awardee of Miss World: Rita Faria

First Awardee of Miss Universe: Sushmita Sen

First Woman Mayor: Tara Charian [Madras (Now Chennai) 1957]

First Woman Minister in Central Cabinet: Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

First Woman Chief Minister: Sucheta Kriplani

First Woman Parliamentarian: Radhabai Subbarayan (1938)

First Woman Judge of Supreme Court: Justice Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi

First Woman Chief Justice of High Court: Justice Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh)

First Woman Session Judge of the Country: Anna Chandi (Kerala)

First Woman Mountaineer who climbed (Conquered) the Mt. Everest: Bacchendri Pal

First Woman Awardee of Norman Borlaug Prize: Dr. Amrita Patil

First Woman Writer who was awarded the Sahitya Akademi award: Amrita Pritam (1956)

First Woman Honoured with  'Bharat Ratna': Indira Gandhi

First Woman Awardee of Lenin peace award: Aruna Asaf Ali

First Woman Awardee of Gayanpeeth Puraskar: Asha Purna Devi (1976)

First Woman who reached  'Antarctica': Mahel Musa (1977)

First Woman who reached to North Pole: Pritisu Gupta (1993)

First Woman who travelled Allround the world: Ujjawala Patil (1988) by Boat

First Woman Chief Engineer: P. K. Tresia Naguli

First Woman Pilot Flying Officer: Sushma Mukhopaddhyaya

First Woman Air Lines Pilot: Capt. Durga Banerjee

First Woman Commander of Boeing 737 Plane: Capt. Saudamini Deshmukh

First Woman Paratrooper of Indian Air Force: Geeta Ghosh

First Woman I. A. S. : Auna George Malhotra

First Woman television news broadcaster:  Pratima Puri

First Woman who Participated in music programme of U.N.O.: M. S. Subbuluxmi (1966)

First Woman participated in Olympic games: Meri Lila Row (1952)

First Woman who won the medal in Olympic games: Karnam Malleshwari (weightlifting Sydney)

First Woman who won the Gold Medal in Asian games:  Kamaljeet Sidhu (1970 -  400 metre)

First Woman who won the medal in Commonwealth games: Anil Ghiya and Kawal Thakur Singh (woman Doubles Badminton -  1978)

First Woman Medal winner in International Athletic Championship: Anju B. George (2003 Paris)

First Woman Grandmaster winner in Chess: Bhagiya Sri Thipsey (1988)

First Woman With One hundred wickets in International Woman Cricket: Diana Indulgi (1986)

First Woman Awardee of Arjun Puraskar: N. Lamsden (Hockey -  1961)

First Woman who made hat-trick in football: Youlanda- de- Suza (1978)

First Woman Awardee of Ashok Chakra: Neerja Bhanot (Posthumously)

First Woman Awardee of Sena Medal: Vimla Devi (1988)

First Woman With Degree of graduation:Kadambni Ganguly (Bose) and Chandramukhi Bose (Kolkata University -  1883)

First Woman Awardee of B.E. degree:  Ella-Majumdar (1951)

First Woman M.B.B.S. Degree awardee: Vidhumuti Bose and Virginia Mitter (Kolkata Medical College)

First Woman Surgeon: Dr. Prema Mukherjee

First Woman Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank: K. J. Udesi (2003)

First Woman Chairman of NABARD: Ranjana Kumar

First Woman D.I.G. (Police): Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya

First Woman Lieutenant General: Punita Arora

First Woman Chairman of Indian Air lines: Shushma Chawla

First Woman Barrister: Cornonia Sorabji (Allahabad High Court - 1923)

First Woman Advocate: Regina Guha

First Woman Ambassador: Vijayalaxmi Pandit (U.S.S.R.-1947)

First Woman who crossed over Gibralter Strait by Swimming:  Arati Pradhan

First Woman World Record in Powerlifting: Sumita Laha (1989)

First Woman Who Represented the nation in all three games (Cricket -  Hockey and Basketball): Shrin Khushro Kiyasa

First Woman Commercial test Pilot of the world: Capt. Surun Darsi and Capt. Rose Lopar

First Woman Pilot of Indian Air Force: Harita Daoel

First Woman To Twice scale the Mt. Everest: Santosh Yadav

First Woman Ramon Magsaysay Prize awardee: Kiran Bedi

First Heroin awarded Dada Sahaib Phalke Prize: Devika Rani Rorik

First Youngest woman who scaled the Mt. Everest twice: Decky Dolma

First Woman Scientist who was awarded Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award: Ashima Chatterjee

First Woman Foreign Secretary: Chokila Ayyar

First Woman Chief Secretary of the Country: Nirmla Buch 

First Woman Space traveller: Kalpana Chawla

First Woman Joint Director of C.B.I. : Archana Sunder Lingam

First Winner of Murti Devi Prize: Pratibha Rai

First Woman contested the Presidential election: Capt. Laxmi Sahgal

First Woman Air Vice-Marshal and Air-Marshal in Indian Air Force:  P. Bandyopadhyay

First Woman Non-military Police Advisor in U.N.O.: Kiran Bedi

First Woman Revenue Secretary: Vinita Rai

First Woman Referee in Boxing: Rajia Sabnam

First woman of Indian origin who stayed for the longest time in space: Sunita William


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