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India GK Test Questions
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India GK Test Questions |

1. In 1969 - who became the first President of India to die in office

2. Beyond the Lines is more than a autobiography. Spanning from pre-partition to the present - it looks at some important phases of India's political history. Name the journalist who penned the memoirs

3. US missionaries founded the hill station in 1844-45 to escape a bout of cholera in Madurai. Which station

4. This century old tradition is at Kotakkal in Malappuram district of Kerala. The organisation employs over 3 - 000 people and has a turnover of Rs 200 crore. Pioneered by the Warrier family - can you name the organization

5. The name of the peak-™s literal translation means -˜Elephant-™s Forehead-™ as a direct reference to the resemblance of the mountain to an Elephant-™s head. Name the Peak.

6. The Amul Girl celebrates 50 years in 2012. Name the agency

7. He did the country proud by winning the gold in the 800-metre event at the 1966 Bangkok Asian Games. He was the first Arjuna Award winner from the region. Name the athlete

8. Name the mother of Ravana

9. its biological name is derived from a Latin phrase meaning resembling the heart -“ A description of the fruit. The Portuguese name is commonly used - derieved from the name used for it by the Tepi tribe of Brazil who first bred the plan. In Kerela it is known by a name meaning ' Foreign Mango' and in some other parts by a name meaning ' Goan Mango'. Identify

10. Who was the husband of Dusshala - the only sister of the Kauravas

11. Ibrahim Shah Sarqui built the Atala Masjid. Name the town

12. Some of the sites of this age are Mehrgarh (Pakistan) - Burzahom and Gufkral (Jammu and Kashmir) - Chirand (Bihar) and Maski and Piklihal (Karanataka). This age spanned from 8000-4000 BC. Can you name the age

13. It is called Zoolbia in Persia - Zalabiya in Egypt - Jeri in Nepal - Zlebia in Morocco and Funnel Cake in US. What is it in the Indian food heritage

14. The phrase Satyameva Jayate is taken from which Upanishad

15. Which Sikh Guru compiled the Granth Sahib

16. This kingdom had Ankusha and the bow and arrow as the emblem. Two of the most famous kings were Nedumjeral Adan and Senguttuvan (immortalised in Silappadikaram). Musiri - their chief port was a centre of Indo-Roman trade. Vanji was the capital - Name the dynasty

17. Along with his wife Sarsaswati - he shot a small demo-film called The Birth of a Pea Plant to prove to friends about celluloid as a valid medium for telling stories.The film also served as an official document in London to raise funds for his bigger project. Name the pioneer

18. Middlename: Sarmanbhai. Her life partially inspired a Hindi film. Mother of four - her daughter-in-law Rekha was gunned down on May 20 - 2006 as a part of the inter-gang rivalry. Who is this personality to be referred to the annals of Indian mafiosi

19. She has a half Slovenian origin - her mother's name is Bonnie Pandya. Who

20. He took the title of Vatapikonda when he defeated Pulakeshin II and captured Vatapi. Hiuen Tsang visited Kanchi during his reign. Name the king

21. His Hollywood films include Beau Geste (1926) - Dancing Mothers (1926) and Tonight at Twelve (1929). Died in Los Angeles. Served as a secretary of Indian Football Association between 1900 and 1902. Name the legend

22. She joined the struggle at the age of 13 and led a socio-political movement to drive out the British from Manipur and Naga areas. She was arrested in 1932 at the age of 16 and to life imprisonment. She was released in 1947 and plunged herself to an ideological battle against Naga National Council (NNC)and had to go underground. She was s awarded Padama Bhushan and passed away in 1993. Who

23. What name connects the child of Kamadhenu - the Sanskrit term for daughter - an alternate name for Gold and one of the 108 names of Durga

24. The national flag as we see it was designed by whom

25. Which 7artiste's directorial debut 'Through the eyes of the painter' won the Golden Bear for the best short film in Berlim Film Festival-196


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