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Ethics |

1. The 1960s Saw A Rise Of Consumerism. What Is Consumerism?

2. The Term Used To Express How A Firm Meets Its Stakeholder Expectations Of Its Economic - Legal - Ethical - And Philanthropic Responsibilities Is

3. Ethical Concerns In Centralized Structures Can Occur Because Of Very Little

4. Management's Sense Of The Organization's Culture

5. This Step Of The Radar Model Involves Responding To The Discovery Of An Ethical Dilemma Through Communication Both Internally And Externally.

6. Enlightened Capitalism Is Associated With Which Individual?

7. What Are The Three Triple Bottom Line Factors Incorporated Into The Global Reporting Initiative Framework?

8. _____ Are Used To Subdivide Duties Within Functional Areas Of A Company.

9. _____ Assume(S) That A The Market - Through Its Own Inherent Mechanisms - Will Keep Commerce In Equilibrium.

10. Which Of The Following Is Not One Of The Seven Steps That The U.S. Sentencing Commission Requires For An Effective Compliance Program?

11. No Formal Dress Codes - Working Late - Participation In Extracurricular Activities - Gestures - And Legends Represent

12. Investors Are Concerned About Business Ethics Because They Know That Misconduct Can

13. A Company Can Be Sued For Discrimination If It

14. Which Of The Following Is Not A Main Goal Of Successful Ethics Training Programs?

15. _____ Are Person-specific - Whereas _____ Are Based On Decisions Made By Groups Or When Carrying Out Tasks To Meet Business Objectives.

16. Conflicts Of Interest Exist When Employees Must Choose Whether To

17. In Ascending Order - Caroll's Four Levels Of Social Responsibility Are

18. In Marketing Communications - Lying Causes Predicaments For Companies Because It Destroys

19. Which Of The Following Is The First Step In The Ethical Decision Making Process?

20. Which Of The Following Provide Incentives For Developing Core Practices Within A Firm That Could Help Ensure Ethical And Legal Compliance?

21. The Primary Objective Of U.S. Antitrust Laws Is To

22. In The Long Run - A(N) ______ Orientation May Be Better For Companies - Perhaps Because It Increases Employees' Awareness Of Ethics Issues At Work.

23. _____ Leaders Communicate A Sense Of Mission - Stimulate New Ways Of Thinking - And Enhance As Well As Generate New Learning Experiences.

24. Power Distance Dimension Refers To The "Power Inequality" Between Superiors And Subordinates. Which Of The Following Countries Probably Ranks High On The Power Distance Scale?

25. A Values-based Ethics Approach To Ethical Corporate Cultures Relies On A(N) _____ That Defines The Firm As Well As How Customers And Employees Should Be Treated


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