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Ethics |

1. This Step Of The Radar Model Involves Responding To The Discovery Of An Ethical Dilemma Through Communication Both Internally And Externally.

2. A Company Can Be Sued For Discrimination If It

3. Which Of The Following Is Not A Measure Of Ethical Climate?

4. A High Concern For People But Minimal Concern For Performance Can Best Describe The _____ Culture.

5. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Outlawed

6. Accountants Must Abide By A Strict Code Of Ethics That Defines Their Responsibilities To

7. _____ Are Person-specific - Whereas _____ Are Based On Decisions Made By Groups Or When Carrying Out Tasks To Meet Business Objectives.

8. Which Of The Following Provide Incentives For Developing Core Practices Within A Firm That Could Help Ensure Ethical And Legal Compliance?

9. Ethical Issues In Business Typically Arise Because Of Conflicts Between Individuals' Personal Moral Philosophies And Values And The

10. _____ Is The First Sign That An Unethical Decision Has Occurred.

11. By Prohibiting Accounting Firms From Providing Both Auditing And Consulting Services To The Same Corporate Clients Without Permission - The Sarbanes-oxley Act Is Attempting To Eliminate

12. Retaliation Against Employees That Report Misconduct Is A Problem In _____ Cultures.

13. Increasing The Wealth Gap Between Nations And Misusing And Misallocating Scarce Resources Are Ethical Issue Accusations Related To

14. _____ Tie(S) An Organization's Product(S) Directly To A Social Concern Through A Marketing Program.

15. What Activity Has Become A Major Global Business Ethics Issue Only Recently?

16. In Kohlberg's Model - The Stage Of Mutual Interpersonal Expectations - Relationships - And Conformity (Stage 3) Differs From The Stage Of Individual Instrumental Purpose And Exchange (Stage 2) In Terms Of The Individual's Motives In

17. Why Might An Individual's Moral Philosophies Differ When Making A Personal Decision Versus A Work-related Decision?

18. _____ Allows For Private Ownership Of Property And Features A Large Government Equipped To Offer Such Services As Education And Health Care To Its Citizens

19. ___________ Provide A Blueprint Into A Firm's Goals And How It Views Ethical Decision Making

20. The Perceived Relevance Or Importance Of An Ethical Issue To The Individual - Work Group - Or Organization Is

21. Ethical Concerns In Centralized Structures Can Occur Because Of Very Little

22. _____ Are Used To Subdivide Duties Within Functional Areas Of A Company.

23. _____ Is Based Upon The Assumption That People Are Predictable And Will Maximize The Utility Of Their Choices Relative To Their Needs And Wants.

24. Employees Feel Less Pressure To Compromise Ethically - Observe Less Misconduct - Are More Satisfied With Their Organizations - And Feel More Valued When

25. Stakeholders' Power Over Businesses Stems From Their

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