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Ethics |

1. Many Managers Are Reluctant To Engage In This Step Of The Radar Model Because They Fear Doing So Will Uncover Questionable Conduct That Could Put The Firm In An Unfavorable Light.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Code Of Ethics And A Code Of Conduct?

3. Why Do Critics Argue That High Compensation For Boards Of Directors Is A Bad Thing?

4. Concerns Involving Copyright Infringement On Books - Movies And Music - And Other Illegally Produced Goods Relate To Which Type Of Ethical Issue?

5. Which Of The Following Is A Measure Taken By Governments To Curtail Mnc Practices That Create Ethical Issues?

6. Investors Are Concerned About Business Ethics Because They Know That Misconduct Can

7. Any Attempt To Verify Outcomes And To Compare Them With Standards Can Be Considered A(N) _____ Activity - Although Many Smaller Firms Do Not Use This Word.

8. By Prohibiting Accounting Firms From Providing Both Auditing And Consulting Services To The Same Corporate Clients Without Permission - The Sarbanes-oxley Act Is Attempting To Eliminate

9. What Is The Purpose Of The Un Global Compact?

10. Which Of The Following Is Not A Measure Of Ethical Climate?

11. These Leaders Produce Employees Who Achieve A Negotiated Level Of Performance - Including Compliance With Ethical And Legal Standards.

12. A Values-based Ethics Approach To Ethical Corporate Cultures Relies On A(N) _____ That Defines The Firm As Well As How Customers And Employees Should Be Treated

13. When In Rome - Do As The Romans Do - Or You Must Adapt To The Cultural Practices Of The Country In Which You Are Operating Are Rationalizations Businesspeople Sometimes Offer For Straying From Their Own Ethical Values When Doing Business Abroad. This Practice Is Called

14. _____ Is An Important Element Of Virtue And Means Being Whole - Sound - And In Unimpaired Condition.

15. Which Of The Following Statements About Group Norms Is False?

16. ___________ Provide A Blueprint Into A Firm's Goals And How It Views Ethical Decision Making

17. What Activity Has Become A Major Global Business Ethics Issue Only Recently?

18. Which Of The Following Cultures Combines High Levels Of Concern For People And Performance?

19. _____ Provide(S) Important Guidelines For Employees On How To Act In Different Situations.

20. This Step Of The Radar Model Involves Responding To The Discovery Of An Ethical Dilemma Through Communication Both Internally And Externally.

21. _____ Are Used To Subdivide Duties Within Functional Areas Of A Company.

22. No Formal Dress Codes - Working Late - Participation In Extracurricular Activities - Gestures - And Legends Represent

23. _____ Have Been Found To Decrease Unethical Practices And Increase Positive Work Behavior.

24. The Sarbanes-oxley Act Created The _____ To Oversee The Accounting Firms That Audit Public Corporations And To Establish Rules And Standards For Auditing.

25. The _____ Can Be Defined As A Set Of Values - Norms - And Artifacts - Including Ways Of Solving Problems Shared By Members Of An Organization.


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