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Ethics |

1. This Occurs When There Are Two Or More Positions On An Ethical Decision.

2. _____ Is An Important Element Of Virtue And Means Being Whole - Sound - And In Unimpaired Condition.

3. Management's Sense Of The Organization's Culture

4. The Primary Objective Of U.S. Antitrust Laws Is To

5. _____ Is The First Sign That An Unethical Decision Has Occurred.

6. This Occurs When Leaders And Followers Share The Same Vision - Ethical Expectations - And Objectives For The Company.

7. The Thought Experiment Used By John Rawls That Examined How Individuals Would Formulate Principles If They Were Uncertain About Their Future Position Is:

8. Increasing The Wealth Gap Between Nations And Misusing And Misallocating Scarce Resources Are Ethical Issue Accusations Related To

9. The _____ Leader Can Create A Negative Climate Because Of The High Standards That He Or She Sets. This Style Works Best For Attaining Quick Results From Highly Motivated Individuals Who Value Achievement And Take Initiative.

10. According To The Ethical Decision-making Framework - The Absence Of Punishment Provides A(N) _____ For Unethical Behavior.

11. What Activity Has Become A Major Global Business Ethics Issue Only Recently?

12. What Is One Of The Goals Of Ethics Training?

13. Which Moral Philosophy Evaluates The Morality Of An Action On The Basis Of Its Consequences For Everyone Affected (Seeks The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number)?

14. _____ Is An Independent Assessment Of The Quality - Accuracy - And Completeness Of A Company's Social Or Ethics Report.

15. The _____ Was/Were Enacted To Restore Confidence In Financial Reporting And Business Ethics After The Accounting Scandals Of The Early 2000s.

16. Many Managers Are Reluctant To Engage In This Step Of The Radar Model Because They Fear Doing So Will Uncover Questionable Conduct That Could Put The Firm In An Unfavorable Light.

17. In Kohlberg's Model - The Stage Of Mutual Interpersonal Expectations - Relationships - And Conformity (Stage 3) Differs From The Stage Of Individual Instrumental Purpose And Exchange (Stage 2) In Terms Of The Individual's Motives In

18. A Stakeholder Group That Is Absolutely Necessary For A Firm's Survival Is Defined As

19. A High Concern For People But Minimal Concern For Performance Can Best Describe The _____ Culture.

20. Enlightened Capitalism Is Associated With Which Individual?

21. A Fundamental Problem In Traditional Personal Character Development Is That Specific Vales Are Used To Teach About A Philosophy - Which May Be Inappropriate Where Cultural Diversity And Privacy Must Be Respected. A Solution Is

22. A Values-based Ethics Approach To Ethical Corporate Cultures Relies On A(N) _____ That Defines The Firm As Well As How Customers And Employees Should Be Treated

23. The Sarbanes-oxley Act Created The _____ To Oversee The Accounting Firms That Audit Public Corporations And To Establish Rules And Standards For Auditing.

24. Which Of The Following Is The First Step In The Ethical Decision Making Process?

25. Why Do Critics Argue That High Compensation For Boards Of Directors Is A Bad Thing?

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