About Fatskills.com

Fatskills helps you learn the basics of a topic using quizzes, quick guides, which have been organized for your convenience into classes
When you have found a topic you are interested in, you can 'join' the class and track your performance (quiz scores, bookmarked guides, etc).
Just join Fatskills and you are good to go!.
Fatskills was made byThe Simple Project.

11000+ Free Tests & Guides | 600+ Classes

What is Fatskills?
Fatskills is a free tool to help students, professionals and everyone else to test their basic knowledge of all the important topics - including basic subjects (r.g. maths and vocabulary), work skills (IT skills, Business skills, soft skills, professional certifications), as well as all types of standardized tests and exams (e.g. AP, SAT, GRE...). Fatskills covers all the essential areas of knowledge from 1st grade to graduation honors.

How is Fatskills different?
1. It covers almost branches of study and all the exams
2. Each quiz contains an average of 100 questions, on average.
3. You can track you progress, book mark chapters and guides and 'join classes'

How does testing my basic knowledge on Fatskills improve my knowledge levels?
Remember the saying, Practice makes perfect? If you don't like what you see on the results page, test yourself again, and then again...

At Fatskills, our motto is simple: Learn anywhere, just test yourelf on Fatskills.

Why Should I Join Fatskills?
When you become a Fatskills member, you can also track your progress, see your average scores, share scores with others and do more.

Who should I use Fatskills?
Fatskills is useful for these people (in no particular order): High school student, college freshman, an up-and-coming business professional, a nurse, a nerd who likes his calculus and engineering, or...you get the point, right? Fatskills is for anyone who is a die-hard, do-it-yourself self-improving enthusiast.

Start practicing now
Now, on to you. Practice and improve your knowledge levels.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

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