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Data Structures Fundamentals Test
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Data Structures Fundamentals Test |

Which of the following data structures has a balanced condition?
Doubly Linked List
The same degree
Double Ended Queue
AVL Tree

A sparse matrix can be a lower-triangular matrix when____.
None of the above
All the non-zero elements lie below the leading diagonal
All the non-zero elements lie only on the leading diagonal
All the non-zero elements lie above the leading diagonal

What is the minimum number of nodes in a full binary tree with depth 3?
Stacks use two ends of the structure but queues use only one

Using which traversal in a sorted binary insertion tree can a sorted array of numbers be obtained?
Post-order traversal
Top-down traversal
In order traversal
Pre-order traversal

What is the pre-order traversal equivalent of the following algebraic expression? [a+(b-c)]*[(d-e)/(f+g-h)]
Two entries with different data have exactly the same key

A simple graph with n vertices and k components can have at the most _______.
(n-k)(n-k+1)/2 edges
(n-k)(n-k-1)/2 edges
N-k edges
N edges

Which of the operations is simpler in the doubly linked list than it is in the simple linked list?
Both a and b
More than that of A(G)
None of the above

What is the best definition of a collision in a hash table?
Doubly linked list
Two entries with exactly the same key have different hash values
Two entries are identical except for their keys
Two entries with different data have exactly the same key
Two entries with different keys have exactly the same hash value

What is the value of the post-fix expression 6 3 2 4 + - *?
Something between -15 and -100
Something between 5 and 15
Something between 15 and 100
Something between -5 and -15
A parentheses balancing program

A non- planar graph with the minimum number of vertices has:
10 edges - 5 vertices
9 edges - 6 vertices
6 edges - 4 vertices
9 edges - 5 vertices

Which of the following is the worst-case scenario for operations on heaps?
9 edges - 6 vertices
Neither insertion nor removal is better than linear
Removal is better than linear - but insertion is not
Both insertion and removal are better than linear
Insertion is better than linear - but removal is not

The post-order traversal of a binary tree starts with:
Post-order traversal of the root
Post-order traversal of the lowest node
Post-order traversal of the left sub tree
Post-order traversal of the right sub tree

Where does the push member function place the new entry on the linked list in the linked list implementation of a queue?
After all other entries that are smaller than the new entry
Post-order traversal
After all other entries that are greater than the new entry
At the tail
At the head

A given connected graph G is a Euler graph if and only if all vertices of G are of ______.
The same degree
Even degrees
Odd degrees
Different degrees

What is the maximum depth of recursive calls a function may make?
There is no fixed maximum
N (where n is the argument)
Quadratic time

The linked list implementation of sparse matrices is superior to the generalized dope vector method because it is __________.
All of these
Conceptually easier and completely dynamic
Formal parameters
Efficient if the sparse matrix is a band matrix
Efficient in accessing an entry

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