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Driving For Life
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Driving For Life |

1. Which Of The Following Are The Hours That Marines And Sailors Should Avoid Driving Because Of Drowsiness Caused By Natural Sleep Patterns?

2. Which Conditions Should Dictate Your Speed While Driving?

3. How Does Drinking Alcohol Impact Driving?

4. Which Of The Following Statements Accurately Describes The "Diminished Judgement" Effect Of Alcohol?

5. Which Of The Following Is The Correct Description Of The Third Impact Of Every Crash?

6. Which Of The Following Statements Is The First Step Of The Threshold Braking Technique In Vehicles That Do Not Have Anti-lock Brakes (Abs)?

7. Which Of The Following Statements About Ocular Driving Is Correct?

8. How Does Fatigue Affect Driving?

9. Which Describes The Three Impacts Of A Crash?

10. Which Of The Following Correctly Describes The Remedial Driving Program?

11. You Are Driving During Poor Weather And Have Reduced Visibility. What Should You Do To Ensure Your Safety?

12. David Richardson Is Driving On A Rural Road At Night And It Begins To Rain - Making The Road Very Slick. The Posted Speed Limit Is 55 Mph. What Should He Do?

13. The Reaction/Recovery Process States That The Following Is True Regarding Speed And Reaction/Recovery Time

14. Which Of The Following Is A Navy And Marine Corps Condition Of Seatbelt Use?

15. Which Of The Following Statements About Hand Position Is Correct?

16. What Is The Strategy That States That You Should Start A Long Drive At A Decent Hour In Order To Avoid Falling Asleep At The Wheel?

17. Maggie Smith Is About To Crash Her Vehicle. Which Impact Does She Have The Most Control Over By Using Techniques To Lesson The Severity Of The Crash?

18. Javier Sanchez Is Driving On A Deserted Country Road At Night. He Has Been Driving For Four Hours And Is Getting Sleepy. What Are Some Of The Repercussions Of Falling Asleep At The Wheel?

19. According To BSR - Inc. - A Respected Driver Training Facility - Which Of The Following Is One Of The Four Primary Causes Of Crashes?

20. Maggie Smith Is Driving Home For The Upcoming 4-day Weekend. Which Of The Following Images Demonstrates One Of The Correct Hand Positions That Maggie Smith Should Use During His Trip Home?

21. Which Of The Following Is An Accurate Description Of Highway Hypnosis?

22. Which Of The Following Is A Guideline You Should Follow When Driving In Situations Of Reduced Traction?

23. The Driving Situation In Which Your Mind Plays Tricks On Your Body And Makes You Believe That You Are Almost Stationary Is Called

24. Which Of The Following Safety Features Is Designed As A Weak Spot In The Vehicle To Absorb Crash Energy?

25. Which Of The Following Statements Describe The Correct Foot Position To Use When Accelerating?

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