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Bees can fly quite long distances very easily. Moreover - they can fly as fast as ten meters a second. _____ In search of food - bees usually fly out from home for about two miles. Some have been known to return home from as far as ten miles away.
They find their way home because they know all the landmarks around the hive.
Several scientists have studied how bees fly home.
The bees go to the place where the hive used to be.
Thus a trip of several miles takes only a few minutes.
What guides the bee when it flies home?

It was once said that one of the values of TV films - even old reruns - was that they gave a person a deeper understanding of life. _____ Today however - as many people do not really have the time to read - good films on TV seem to be the only alternative.
I prefer to spend my free time reading a good book.
Wasting time watching TV is an alternative to thinking about reality.
Life is probably one of the most difficult things to understand.
Before these times - good books were said to do the same thing.
'IV films are many times better than discussing feelings and thoughts with neighbors.

Jane and Tim were married last year. _____ Then they found a small house for themselves. They moved in two months ago and are very happy.
Jane works in my office.
We haven't seen them since they married.
I often see them on Fridays.
Tim has a good job in a bank.
For six months they lived with Tim's parents.

The dominant form of mass communication today is television. Of course - people still buy thousands of copies of books and magazines each year. _____ The radio - movies and sound recordings also remain very popular. But none of these other mass media can compete with TV's high level of popularity.
It is important that everyone is a society should be literate.
Newspapers also continue to attract both general and specialinterest readers.
Listening and reading are both ways of receiving information.
Certain inventions such as radio and television have been responsible for the recent decline in literacy.
TV is the major form of entertainment and information.

At seven o'clock - I suddenly remembered I had promised to have dinner with the Johnsons. I was expected there at 7:30. _____ In other words - I was very short of time. Still - I managed to get there on time.
I knew it would take me at least an hour to get there.
Luckily they only lived across the road from me.
This only gave me half an hour to change my clothes and get there.
So I decided not to go by taxi.
The Johnsons are very close friends of mine.

_____ As a student she studied dancing in the University of Michigan. Then in 1982 - she recorded her first successful song: 'Everybody".
Madonna has been interested in singing all her life - as can be seen from her early student years.
The famous pop singer Madonna - was born in Bay City - Michigan in the U.S.A.
The University of Michigan is where Madonna started her singing career.
Madonna got married after making her first hit song.
Recording 'Everybody' started her musical career.

The children had gotten dressed in their best clothes. The weather was sunny if not warm. _____ He finally got up and the children gave a cheerful yell and went running to the door.
They had tried everything to get their father to take them out this Sunday but they had been unsuccessful up to now.
The rain had finally stopped.
Their new clothes had been hanging in their closet for several weeks and they had been looking forward to showing off while strolling through the town.
Their mother had told them that their father was too ill to go anywhere and that they shouldn't try to take up his Sunday.
The children had been stuck indoors all winter long.

Almost all the people we knew well and liked - used to go to the Moonlight Restaurant. We went there nearly every night - too. There were other similar places around - but we did not go to them. _____
In fact all the restaurants are very expensive.
We always liked the food they served.
I know she is very fond of strawberries with ice cream.
This was largely because we did not like the people who went to them.
I took my wife to one of them the other night.

There is something more in bringing up children than feeding them well - housing them healthily and washing them regularly. The emotional development of children depends greatly on the actions of their parents. _____ The adult may need social security but for the child - family security is of even greater importance.
Family life has little effect on a child's social development.
However - a child does not learn much from his parents.
Children need the security of a peaceful family life.
Friendship is not an important factor in a child's life.
Every child imitates his parents.

The teaching of English in Turkey has improved tremendously during the last few years. _____ In addition - the increase in the number of native speakers in universities has improved the education of our future English teachers.
More and more of our students are able to pass the post study tests.
Teachers from other countries are coming to Turkey to replace the Turkish teachers.
This is probably due to the increased quality of the teachers who are graduating and becoming available to our children.
The majority of our teachers are taught by poor quality instructors in the universities.
Our children are more interested in working with Turkish educated teachers these days.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the web of a spider is? _____ This awe inspiring work of beauty is however - a deadly trap for unsuspecting insects.
No matter how beautiful it can be - when seen in sunlight - one must not forget it is not really of any value to people.
People have never really wanted to give any value to this natural masterpiece.
Some spiders can spin webs that are many times their own size.
The intricate details of their web are so fine and so well crafted that even today no artist can reproduce it.
There are many horror stories about people and animals who have been trapped in giant webs.

A green leaf is a factory in which a plant manufactures its own food. _____ In this case the raw materials are water and carbon dioxide - which is obtained from the air. The sun provides the energy.
As in all factories - raw materials and energy are essential.
This process is called photosynthesis.
That is why some leaves are broader than others.
That's why we should keep plants in our homes.
Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

_____ Interestingly - it is about European history during the Napoleonic Era - but deals at the same time with the loves of 4 great Russian families. Along with these fictional characters are portrayals of great historical characters of Europe during that period.
Leo Tolstoy wrote many novels.
WAR and PEACE by Leo Tolstoy is not a very interesting novel.
WAR and PEACE is about the history of Napoleon.
The story WAR and PEACE by Leo Tolstoy is one of the 'giants' of literature.
Leo Tolstoy wrote about many important historical events.

Every year 100 million holiday-makers go to the Mediterranean. With one third of the world's tourist trade it is the most popular of all the holiday areas: yet - it is also the most polluted. _____
Several European countries have changed their economic policies.
The housing problem has increased over the years.
However - the great civilizations of the past are no longer tourist attractions.
Therefore - the tourist industry here is in great danger.
The average tourist prefers guest houses to hotels.

Scientists measuring the global climate have found that the world's climate is changing. The average world temperature has increased by about half a degree Celsius since the 1850's. _____ By the middle of the next century it is likely the world will be 1.5 C warmer than today.
Flooding would also cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life.
Pollution of the land - sea and air occurs as a result of many human activities.
Most nations are willing to accept the inevitable consequences of global warming.
Scientists are predicting that this trend will continue.
If the ozone layer thins - the extra ultraviolet light may have an adverse effect on plan growth.

_____ First of all I have some good friends living there. Also I like the town itself - with its parks and pleasant environment. The climate attracts me too - for I am tired of the cold winters of Ankara.
If I had to move I would choose to live in Antalya.
In summer Antalya attracts a lot of people.
'Mere are several reasons why I want to leave Ankara.
I have been living in Ankara for the past five years.
Antalya is an ideal place for a summer holiday.

The health officials investigating the recent outbreak of measles said that most cases were present in school aged children. _____ This transmission later continued within the family - as sisters and brothers of infected children caught the illness because there were no visible symptoms during the incubation period.
Parents don't believe it is necessary to isolate their children from those children that are ill.
Children often play together in a rather rough fashion.
The incubation period is the only time that the illness is spreadable.
It is not difficult to catch measles at that age.
The high communicability of the disease caused a quick spread in the crowded classroom environment.

The large sheepdog was one of the happiest creatures on the farm. _____ He was like one of the family who faithfully performed his duties and in return was loved and cared for by everyone.
His mother had died at his birth and the dog had been cared for by the farmer's family from then on.
He ate so much that the farmer and his family had a difficult time feeding him regularly.
The visitors had offered to buy the dog from the family.
He tended to be silly at times and to not listen.
He hadn't been adopted by the family right after his birth.

Veronica Moss is a small British firm which makes wedding dresses. It is now expanding into European markets. _____ This will only be possible if sufficient - highly skilled workers can be recruited.
Many governments have raised the tax on luxury goods.
An advertising campaign has already proved successful.
Then management has the full support of all its workers.
However - to be successful - it needs to increase its production.
The new designs are well illustrated in the catalogue.

_____ She had been given to the United States by China. But last week she was found dead in her out-door enclosure at the Washington National Zoo. At 23 she was the oldest Panda in captivity outside of China.
A panda is a large black and white animal which lives in the bamboo forests of China.
A panda looks more like a toy than a real animal.
The panda - Ling-Ling - was one of the best-known and most-loved animals in the world.
When the President of the United States visited China no one guessed the outcome of the negotiations.
National Zoos in the United States are really wildlife reserves.

For eating out in towns there is a marvelous variety of choice. Many of the Indian restaurants in particular - are very good indeed. _____. Some of them provide simple dishes - some more ambitious ones.
Indeed - eating out need not be as expensive as most people think
On the whole the British prefer to eat at home
But there are several other restaurants of different nationalities that are also extremely good
Last night we had a most enjoyable dinner at that Chinese restaurant
Even so - a lot of English people like wine with their meals

Nothing spreads light better than our own sky. _____ To do this engineers have developed a system of prism panels that functions very much like our own atmosphere. They are thus able to diffuse incoming daylight uniformly. The result is a pleasant glare-free environment with all the beauty of the light indoors.
The company has already committed itself to finding economic but effective solutions.
Light travels through the atmosphere at a tremendous speed.
The trick - however - is to get the same effect indoors without the use of electricity.
This new lighting system will enable the country to save energy.
As a result many engineers prefer to specialize in indoor lighting systems.

'The Lady with the Lamp" - better known as Florence Nightingale - was a young English woman who trained to be a nurse in Germany . _____ At the end of this time she became accepted as the authority on nursing matters and became involved in establishing nursing schools which taught modem nursing.
In her youth she had heard voices that told her of a mission.
There was a mystery about Florence.
She spent most of her life working with politicians' various situations.
She caused many changes in the field of nursing when she decided to have nurses enter the wards of soldiers.
Her fame was founded when she changed the situation of nursing soldiers during the Crimean War.

The rate of crime in our area has increased dramatically. _____ The changes in the value of money - inflation - war - etc. - have forced some people to revert to crime in order to live.
People are not as kind as they have been in the past to those that are in need of support.
This seems to be a common problem throughout our country and even the world.
The whole country has a problem with crimes and there have been many new groups of young people enlisted into the services.
It is difficult for the police to deal with all these crimes by themselves.
People are always interested in obtaining an easy way of making a few dollars.

Antarctica is a potent symbol of the environmental crisis. It has been called the last great wilderness on Earth. Many conservationists want this unique area to be protected forever as a world park _____ Its future is uncertain.
if waste chemicals from industry are deposited there.
and the only solution is to cut down the amount of harmful gases we discharge into the atmosphere.
even if the planet heated and mountains of ice began to melt.
but many governments want to begin mining operations there.
but this would cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life.

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