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Paragraph Summarizing - Select the Sentence Which Gives a Summary of the Passage |

I don't know any French myself - and so I don't know whether Jane's French is good or not. But I do know that she has spent the last two years in France. She was in Paris for 18 months and the remaining 6 months she spent at various places along the south coast. So she should know French well.
Jane's French ought to be good as she has recently spent two years in France.
Jane has spent two whole years in France - partly in Paris - partly on the south coast.
Jane thoroughly enjoyed the two years she spent in France - but I don't think her French is better than mine.
If I had spent two years in France like Jane - I would have learned French well.
Jane's French is now very good indeed.

People who have never been in an aero plane usually think that flying must be fun. Perhaps it is - the first time you fly. But few people who have flown a lot really enjoy flying. Most of the time you are in the air - there is nothing to see but clouds - and waiting around in an airport is the most boring experience.
Traveling by air is one of the least popular ways of traveling.
Airports are very boring places.
Everybody likes flying - and shopping at airports is great fun.
Flying is not as interesting as people who haven't flown think.
A lot of people won't fly because they think it is dangerous.

War is one of the most terrible parts of human history. Death - destruction and pain - both physical and emotional are the primary results of war. Still man seems to be incapable of doing without it.
No one wants to fight a war.
As bad as it is - man likes to make war.
Even though fighting is useless people will not stop.
People have no gain from war but are unable to stop it.
The death and misery that war produces is not enough to stop man from fighting.

Our world seems to be changing too fast to keep up with. In my youth - life was much more simple. Our parents worried about feeding and educating us. We worried about simple things life school and friends. Today however - children have become selfish and materialistic.
Children are - brought up differently these days.
Time has changed the needs and attitudes of people.
Everyone changes with time.
Life changes people as they grow.
The world makes people selfish as they grow older.

During recent years - there has been a great increase in population. As a result of this - many countries are facing serious difficulties. These include food shortages - housing problems - unemployment - pollution and similar social and economic difficulties.
Some countries have more social and economic problems than others.
The increase in population has been to the benefit of some countries.
The rapid growth in population has caused very many problems.
Rich countries should help poor countries.
Economic problems are not related to the increase in population.

The future is something that many people - especially young ones - worry about. Our elders tell us that making correct decisions about our futures is very important and making a mistake can ruin us forever. However - when one looks at the records - those people who have taken chances and tried to do things their own way - tend to make out much better than those who do things the way the system expects.
Parents tell their children to plan their futures as the social and cultural rules advice.
Although it is generally felt that people shouldn't take risks - many people who do have proved that being different is not always wrong.
Making decisions about the future should be the right of the person who will be living that life.
Taking risks is not considered to be the correct way of planning ones future and could cause failure.
Decisions that people make may at times seem incorrect but most of the time the results are good.

Many people complain a great deal about the bad influences of television on the young. However - these are the same parents that don't seem to realize that what their children watch should be decided by them. It is the parents who are responsible to turn the program off if it isn't appropriate for their children.
Television programs are more valuable than most parents wish to believe.
Many parents make decisions about what is appropriate for their children and what is not.
It would be better if people complained less about what their children watched on television.
Parents tend to allow their children to watch too much television and then complain about it.
Parents should take the initiative to prevent their children from watching what they feel is not appropriate for them.

Most people don't realize that Paul and Mark are brothers. Paul is tall and fair - and interested in all types of sport. Mark - who is short and dark haired - is studying Math at the university. Math is his only hobby too.
Paul wishes his brother were a better sportsman.
Brothers don't often have much in common.
Paul isn't nearly as clever as his brother Mark.
Though brothers - Paul and Mark are very different in appearance and in interests.
Paul and Mark are brothers but they disagree on various matters.

Although we didn't know who she was or where she had come from it was easy to guess that she had some type of royal blood in her veins. The English she spoke was so carefully precise that she couldn't possibly be a native speaker. Her graceful movements and confident gestures indicated power and control. All in all - the appearance she presented was very impressive.
We were not able to learn anything about this woman.
This woman was of rich and royal heritage.
This unknown woman had a manner that impressed those who met her.
This woman was not brought up in our country.
This woman made us think that she was wealthy.

Leroy walked slowly round the exhibition - looking at the pictures. None of them seemed very interesting. He felt very disappointed. Then suddenly he saw the portrait of an old man. He stopped in front of it - and looked at it for a long time. It was a wonderful portrait.
Except for one portrait - Leroy thought the exhibition was very poor.
While looking at the pictures at the exhibition - Leroy met an interesting old man.
Leroy is very interested in paintings - especially in portraits of old people.
Leroy was delighted with the exhibition - especially with some of the portraits.
At the exhibition Leroy was disappointed to find that almost all the portraits were of old people.

Whenever I need something - the first place I go to is Dawson's store. There they sell just about everything. You can buy clothes there - things for the house and for the garden - and also sports equipment; They stock a wide variety of goods. Everything is a good quality - and prices are reasonable.
In my opinion - Dawson's is an excellent store and not too expensive.
You can't find everything you need in Dawson's.
The rich and the famous all shop at Dawson's.
Dawson's is famous for its goods but prices are high.
Most people can't afford to go to Dawson's.

Brian and Gordon are brothers. People meeting them for the first time usually think Gordon is much the nicest. He's good looking - he's friendly and talks well. Later - they begin to notice he is rather spoilt. Then - they realize what a good person Brian is.
I have always preferred Brian to his brother Gordon.
Gordon and his brother are both very attractive people.
Brian and Gordon are very different from each other; it is hard to believe they are brothers.
Gordon makes a good first impression but his brother is a much better person.
Brian has clearly spoiled his brother Gordon.

Susan arrived at the library a few minutes before 12 o'clock. Jane had her coat on and was - waiting for her friend on the steps of the library. So they left together - crossed the street and went to their favorite restaurant.
Jane and Susan have lunch together once a week.
Jane was surprised to see Susan at the library and invited her to lunch.
Susan and Jane both work in the same library and always have lunch together.
Susan and Jane met at the library as arranged and then had lunch together.
Jane put on her coat while she was waiting for her friend.

The story "Robinson Crusoe" was written by Daniel Defoe. This novel was based on the story of a real sailor who had been abandoned on a small island. Although the sailor - Alexander Selkirk's adventures are not the same as those of Robinson Crusoe there are some notable similarities.
Being abandoned on a small island with a sailor named Alexander Selkirk gave Daniel Defoe the idea to write the story "Robinson Crusoe."
Daniel Defoe wrote the story of Alexander Selkirk but called it"Robinson Crusoe."
Daniel Defoe wrote the story of the life of Alexander Selkirk and named it "Robinson Crusoe."
The story: "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe is a fictional account of the experiences of Alexander Selkirk.
The abandoned sailor Alexander Selkirk was a typical colonialist.

If Jane is willing to organize the picnic I should let her. The last picnic she organized was a great success. Just now - too - she has plenty of spare time - which most of us don't have. I don't think we'll find anyone as good as her.
Jane seems to be the best person to organize the picnic.
Everybody can organize a picnic as efficiently as Jane can.
Most of us don't want Jane to organize the picnic.
Jane has so much free time that she wants to organize a picnic.
Jane always likes to do unusual things.

However much we may complain about the number of advertisements there are in a newspaper - the fact remains that without advertisements there would be no newspapers. It's the advertisements that finance the newspapers and make it possible for us to buy them cheaply.
Newspapers print so many advertisements that there is not much space left for the real news.
The larger the circulation of a newspaper is - the greater is its need for good advertisements.
Advertisements are essential to newspapers - without them they could not be produced economically.
Nowadays all newspapers spend a great deal of money on advertising.
It is generally agreed that it is profitable for large companies to advertise regularly in the newspapers.

Everyone I've talked to recently admits that Mr. Burton was not a very good manager. Now that Mr. Carr is in charge of the company - most people are expecting things to improve; he really is a natural leader - and liked and respected by everyone.
Mr. Carr may be a good manager but nobody wanted Mr. Burton to leave.
It is generally agreed that Mr. Carr will manage the company much better than Mr. Burton did.
Most people think Mr. Carr will introduce few changes.
Mr. Burton was not popular - but under his management everything ran smoothly.
Mr. Carr didn't like the way Mr. Burton managed the company.

There are many different reasons why a poet writes poetry. I would suppose that some write poems for themselves and to please their own senses. Others however - write to share thoughts - or rather feelings with others. Most poems are meant to appeal to the heart and senses rather than to the mind and reason.
Poets write poems for themselves and for others.
Poets usually write poems to share their thoughts with other people.
Poems are not written for the mind they are written for the heart.
Poets are sentimental people who have to show their emotions with their writing.
Among the different reasons for writing poetry - the need to express emotions is probably the strongest motive for most poets.

I know all the arguments about how important it is to advertise. I admit that the costs of advertising are quickly recovered in better sales. Yet I still think advertising is harmful because of the bad effect it has on children.
I am in favor of advertisements because children are fond of them.
It is important to advertise although children hate advertisements.
A lot of people argue about whether advertising really helps sales
Advertising helps sales - but children are badly affected by it.
Many people argue that advertisements are useful for children.

Jane had had a terrible dream that night. She had dreamed that she was in a haunted house. The house was large and dark. It had broken stairs and windows. As she went through the house - she heard terrible noises and then she saw a white mist which turned into a strange animal - in front of her. She screamed and then woke to find that she was safe in her own home.
Jane was afraid of the dark so her imagination played tricks on her that night and she thought she had seen a ghost.
Jane was very frightened by the nightmare she had the other night in which she visited an old abandoned house and saw a ghost.
The noises that she heard that night were made by a wild animal that had come in to get away from the fog.
Jane's dream frightened her into screaming all night.
The house that Jane was in was old and frightening but she went to sleep anyway.

Janet was very enthusiastic about the concert. She praised the pianist - the singer and the choice of program; but it was the violin concerto that she praised most of all.
Janet went to the concert because she wanted to hear the violin concerto.
Except for the violin concerto - Jane didn't really enjoy the concert.
The piano is Jane's favorite instrument - although she is fond of violin concertos.
Jane thought the concert was wonderful and especially the violin concerto.
Not much of Jane's favorite music was included in the program.

Paul is pleased that his company is sending him to the new factory near Houston. The pay will be better and the work more interesting. Also - several of his friends live there and he likes the climate.
Paul's company has many reasons for opening a new factory in Houston.
Paul is happy to be going to Houston for various reasons.
Paul has never had such a good job as his present one in Houston.
It is not easy to find interesting - well-paid work in Houston.
Paul is looking forward to making new friends in Houston.

The average child is exceedingly curious. He investigates everything within reach; from electric plugs to piles of earth. His favorite word is "why". The adult finds this period exhausting but he should not try to check the activities - unless they are dangerous - as the child is establishing the habit of learning.
Curiosity in children should be encouraged as it creates a learning habit.
Children are often extremely curious but this is an unimportant stage and ends soon.
Children who lack curiosity will not grow up any different from those who are extremely curious.
Curiosity in children should not be encouraged as it is responsible for very many accidents.
His curiosity leads a child to investigate a lot of unimportant things.

John is only 16 years old. Everyone else on the team is either 17 or 18. Even so - he's a much valued member of the team. In fact - some people think he's the best player the team has.
The 17 and 18 year olds on the team are not valued enough.
John joined the team when he was 16 but most people are at least 17 years old.
John is one of the best players the team has had for 17 or 18 years.
John is the youngest member of the team and also one of the best players.
When John is 17 or 1 8 he will probably be the best player on the team.

From the very first - man has wondered if there was life on worlds other than our own. The mind of man has wandered to many light years away: to other planets and solar systems. Today man is still asking this question - but he seeks the answer in science and technology instead of religion ad magic.
Since the beginning of man's history the question of whether there is life on other planets has been asked - but today new ways of answering this question are available.
The answer to the question of whether there is life on other planets or not could not be answered in the past - but will probably be answered by the scientists of today.
Man has always asked himself about life on other planets.
Today scientists are the people that are asking if man might be able to live on other planets in other solar systems.
We have and will always wonder about the possibility of life on other planets.

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