Health Insurance 101
Life and Health Insurance Exam 2
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Life and Health Insurance Exam 2 |

1. All of the following are requirements for life insurance illustrations EXCEPT

2. Which of the following protects the insured from an unintentional policy lapse due to a nonpayment of premium?

3. A corporation can be considered a "small group employer" if it has at least one and a maximum of how many employees?

4. An insured loses her left arm in an accident that is covered by her Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy. What kind of benefit will she most likely receive from this policy?

5. In order for an employee to be considered eligible for small group insurance - he/she must work at least how many hours per week?

6. Which of the following insurance products will be subject to the regulation on life insurance solicitation?

7. Which of the following entities protects policyowners - insureds - and beneficiaries under insurance contracts when insurers fail to perform contractual obligations due to financial impairment?

8. A customer with an existing life insurance contract is considering exchanging it for a newer contract. What Florida insurance regulation should the customer's insurance agent consult?

9. The purpose of managed care health insurance plans is to

10. An employer offers group life insurance to its employees for the amount of $10000. Which of the following is true?

11. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning irrevocable beneficiaries?

12. All of the following entities regulate variable life policies EXCEPT

13. An insured pays a monthly premium of $100 for her health insurance. What would be the duration of the grace period under her policy?

14. All of the following statements describe a MEWA EXCEPT

15. What do individuals use to transfer their risk of loss to a larger group?

16. Which of the following is true regarding the agent's appointments?

17. A hospital indemnity policy will pay

18. Which provision of a life insurance policy states the insurer's duty to pay benefits upon the death of the insured - and to whom the benefits will be paid?

19. When an insurer terminates an agent's appointment - the insurer must do all of the following EXCEPT

20. What is the purpose of a conditional receipt?

21. Which of the following authorities grants and revokes licenses?

22. The president of a company is starting an annuity and decides that his corporation will be the annuitant. Which of the following statements is true?

23. Ray has an individual major medical policy that requires a coinsurance payment. Ray very rarely visits his physician and would prefer to pay the lowest premium possible. Which coinsurance arrangement would be best for Ray?

24. Under special circumstances - continuing education requirements may be extended beyond the 2-year period for a maximum period of

25. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a guaranteed renewable provision?

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