Health Insurance 101
Life and Health Insurance Exam 2
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Life and Health Insurance Exam 2 |

1. Which of the following insurance products will be subject to the regulation on life insurance solicitation?

2. COBRA applies to employers with at least

3. What is the purpose of a conditional receipt?

4. All of the following long-term care coverages would allow an insured to receive care at home EXCEPT

5. What is the main difference between coinsurance and copayments?

6. All of the following are true regarding rebates EXCEPT

7. Which of the following statements is correct?

8. Which of the following is a generic consumer publication that explains life insurance in general terms in order to assist the applicant in the decision-making process?

9. Which of the following does NOT have to be disclosed in a long-term care (LTC) policy?

10. Which of the following is true regarding Medicare supplement policies?

11. Under the Physical Exam and Autopsy provision - how many times can an insurer have the insured examined - at its own expense - while a claim is pending?

12. An insured pays a monthly premium of $100 for her health insurance. What would be the duration of the grace period under her policy?

13. At what age may an individual make withdrawals from an HSA for nonhealth purposes without being penalized?

14. If an insurance company makes a statement that its policies are guaranteed by the existence of the Insurance Guaranty Association - that would be considered

15. A paid-up nonforfeiture benefit will become effective as specified in the policy - unless the person entitled elects another available option within how many days after the due date of the premium in default?

16. Which of the following is NOT the consideration in a policy?

17. An agent delivers a life insurance policy to the proposed insured. The insured makes a decision not to accept the policy. The insured may return the policy for a full refund of premium within how many days?

18. A customer with an existing life insurance contract is considering exchanging it for a newer contract. What Florida insurance regulation should the customer's insurance agent consult?

19. Which of the following types of LTC is NOT provided in an institutional setting?

20. What is the purpose of a disclosure statement in life insurance policies?

21. Which of the following is true regarding the agent's appointments?

22. All of the following are requirements for life insurance illustrations EXCEPT

23. An insured has a primary group health plan and an excess plan - each covering losses up to $10000. The insured suffered a loss of $15000. Disregarding any copayments or deductibles - how much will the excess plan pay?

24. All of the following would be legal activities for an HMO to engage in EXCEPT

25. If an employer decides to change its life insurance policy to a similar one with a different insurer - which of the following describes the extent that replacement regulations will be exercised?

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