Health Insurance 101
Life and Health Insurance Exam 2
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Life and Health Insurance Exam 2 |

1. Which of the following long-term care benefits would provide coverage for care for functionally impaired adults on a less than 24-hour basis?

2. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a guaranteed renewable provision?

3. An insured loses her left arm in an accident that is covered by her Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy. What kind of benefit will she most likely receive from this policy?

4. Which of the following does NOT have to be disclosed in a long-term care (LTC) policy?

5. What is the purpose of a conditional receipt?

6. A long-term care insurance shopper's guide must be provided in the format developed by which of the following?

7. In forming an insurance contract - when does acceptance usually occur?

8. An agent delivers a life insurance policy to the proposed insured. The insured makes a decision not to accept the policy. The insured may return the policy for a full refund of premium within how many days?

9. All of the following would be legal activities for an HMO to engage in EXCEPT

10. Which of the following insurance providers must be nonprofit and sell insurance only to its members?

11. At what age may an individual make withdrawals from an HSA for nonhealth purposes without being penalized?

12. COBRA applies to employers with at least

13. How are state Insurance Guaranty Associations funded?

14. Which document helps ensure that full and fair disclosure is provided to the recipient of a policy?

15. Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning irrevocable beneficiaries?

16. Which provision concerns the insured's duty to provide the insurer with reasonable notice in the event of a loss?

17. Under the Physical Exam and Autopsy provision - how many times can an insurer have the insured examined - at its own expense - while a claim is pending?

18. A person insured under a group life insurance policy can make an assignment of all or any part of the incidents of ownership conferred on the insured by the policy or by law - to any of the following EXCEPT

19. Which of the following is true regarding Medicare supplement policies?

20. In life policies issued in this state - insurers are permitted to charge interest during the policy grace period for the number of days elapsing before the premium is paid. What is the maximum annual interest rate?

21. Which of the following insurance products will be subject to the regulation on life insurance solicitation?

22. A customer with an existing life insurance contract is considering exchanging it for a newer contract. What Florida insurance regulation should the customer's insurance agent consult?

23. An employer offers group life insurance to its employees for the amount of $10000. Which of the following is true?

24. Which types of insurance companies marketing long-term care insurance coverage must establish procedures to assure that any comparison of policies by its agents will be fair and accurate?

25. All of the following are examples of third-party ownership of a life insurance policy EXCEPT


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