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Life Skills Exam
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Life Skills Exam |

1. It Is Important To Set Priorities When You Are...

2. Examples Of Seeking First To Understand - Then To Be Understood (Listen To People Sincerely)

3. Joe Wants To Become A Doctor. The Tv Drama "Er" Would __ A Reliable Source Of Information About The Career.

4. List The Six Steps Of The Practical Problem-solving Process With A Description Of Each Step.

5. Marijuana

6. Regulates Body Functions By Contributing To Chemical Reactions - Helps Keep Body Temperature Within A Normal Range]

7. Think Win Win

8. Obesity

9. Describe Yahoo's Homepage As A Source Of Information.

10. Sharpen The Saw

11. Realistic

12. You're Alert Of Your Surroundings When Driving And You'll Do Everything Possible To Avoid A Collision. A Defensive Driver Is Not Only Watching Out For Their Own Behavior But For The Other Driver's Behavior As Well.

13. Everyone Has The Same Values.

14. Dram Shop Extension Law

15. Synergy

16. Suggest Alternatives

17. Specific

18. Write An Example Of A Statement From A Code Of Ethics.

19. Timely

20. Carrie Is Considering Her Options After High School. Describe/Discuss A Military Recruiter's Role As A Source Of Information In This Case.

21. Running Shoes Are An Example Of What Type Of Resource?

22. Accountability

23. Non Scholae Sed Vitae

24. Can Listen To What The Teacher Says. If It's A Drill Then He Can Definitley Listen To What His Teacher Tells Him To Do But If It's Something Real And The Announcement Is Dangerous And Serious Then Ron Can Maintain His Own Safety By Making Sure The Door Is Locked Or By Watching Someone Lock The Door - Close The Window Blinds Or Open The Window To Escape. It Depends On What The Situation Is..If It's A Drill Or If It's Something Like A Real School Massacre.

25. Rochelle Is Writing Out Steps She Will Take. What Is She Doing?


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