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Life Skills Exam
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Life Skills Exam |

1. Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood

2. Can Listen To What The Teacher Says. If It's A Drill Then He Can Definitley Listen To What His Teacher Tells Him To Do But If It's Something Real And The Announcement Is Dangerous And Serious Then Ron Can Maintain His Own Safety By Making Sure The Door Is Locked Or By Watching Someone Lock The Door - Close The Window Blinds Or Open The Window To Escape. It Depends On What The Situation Is..If It's A Drill Or If It's Something Like A Real School Massacre.

3. Celia Does Not Have Enough Money To Go To The Prom. Which Of The Following Choices Would Be The Most Ethical Way For Celia To Reach A Solution?

4. Non Scholae Sed Vitae

5. What Happens If One Has Drugs?

6. Effective

7. Bradley Is In High School And Wants To Participate In Sports - He Decides He Should Play In The Nfl. This Is An Example Of

8. Examples Of Proactive Language

9. Misdemeanor

10. Jonathan Wants To Become A Musician. His Short-term Goals Should Include:

11. What Is The Rescinding Time Frame On Contracts?

12. Sunshine Is An Example Of What Type Of Resource?

13. You Should Research The Job You Are Applying To. Consequences For This Would Be Not Knowing What The Job Does And The Challenges It Faces.

14. Identify Consequences

15. Which Of The Following Are Standards That Guide Your Behavior?

16. Economic Values

17. Running Shoes Are An Example Of What Type Of Resource?

18. Intellectual Values

19. Used For Your Body's Growth And Repair And To Maintain Cells And Tissues - Provide Energy And Help Your Body Fight Disease

20. Joe Wants To Become A Doctor. The Tv Drama "Er" Would __ A Reliable Source Of Information About The Career.

21. What Is Hazing?

22. Cameron Sees That Another Student Has Just Dropped Their Books In The Hallway. He Does Not Know The Person - So He___________ Pick Up His Books. This Was Not An Ethical Decision.

23. What Should I Do With My Income?

24. Examples Of Reactive Language

25. Context

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