Life Skills
Life Skills Exam
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

Life Skills Exam |

1. Carrie Is Considering Her Options After High School. Describe/Discuss A Military Recruiter's Role As A Source Of Information In This Case.

2. What Is The Rescinding Time Frame On Contracts?

3. Community Service

4. John Obeys His Mother's Rules Regarding Curfew. He Is Placing Value On:

5. Write A Personal Growth Goal Using The Three-step Approach.

6. Aesthetic Values

7. Tim And Simon

8. Sheila Is Reflecting On Her Decision And What She Would Do Differently Next Time. What Is She Doing?

9. Tisha Does Her Own Homework And Works Hard To Achieve Her Grades All On Her Own. She Places Value On:

10. Alcohol

11. Religious Values

12. Travis Notices His Mom Seems Extra Tired. He Does The Dishes After Dinner. This Was...

13. Name Examples Of Synergizing (Working With Other To Achieve More)

14. Inez Has A Paper To Write On Eating Disorders. A Reliable Resource Might Be Her...

15. Dram Shop Extension Law

16. Short-term Goal

17. Peer Pressure

18. Regulates Body Functions By Contributing To Chemical Reactions - Helps Keep Body Temperature Within A Normal Range]

19. Tom Has Made A List Of Things He Could Do And What Would Happen If He Did Those Things. What Is He Doing?

20. Not Effective Birth Control

21. Sunshine Is An Example Of What Type Of Resource?

22. Habits

23. Nora Is Still Hungry After Lunch. She _______ To Go Out To Get Ice Cream With Friends. This Was Not An Ethical Decision.

24. Examples Of Beginning With The End In Mind (Define Your Mission And Goals In Life)

25. Synergy


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