Wuthering Heights Test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Wuthering Heights Test |

1. What Insight Into Heathcliff's Character Does He Gain By Pursuing The Antique Books?

2. Heathcliff Will ____________ - And Esteem It A Species Of Impertinence - To Be Loved Or Hated Again?

3. What Will Be The Likely Permanent Consequence Of Catherine's Illness? How Does Edgar Respond To The Diagnosis?

4. Who Is "Rather Thin - But Young - And Fresh Complexioned - And Her Eyes Sparkled As Bright As Diamonds."

5. What Is The First Story That Lockwood Reads In Catherine's Book?

6. What Do "The Country Folks" Say About Heathcliff After His Death?

7. When Are Cathy And Hareton Getting Married?

8. What Effect Does Nelly's Description Of Edgar's Studies Have On Catherine?

9. What Behavior On The Part Of Catherine Causes Nelly To Begin To Believe In The Seriousness Of Her Illness?

10. Contrast Isabella's Condition On Arrival At The Grange With Her Demeanor The Last Time Nelly Saw Her. How Has She Changed?

11. Where Are Cathy And Hareton Going To Live Once They Are Married?

12. What Is Heathcliff's Attitude Towards Mr. Earnshaw?

13. Why Do Heathcliff's Dogs Turn Against Mr. Lockwood?

14. What Was Happening In 1801?

15. What Reasons Does Edgar Provide For Continuing To Spurn Isabella's Appeals For Forgiveness?

16. What Does The Exchange Between Mr. Heathcliff And Mrs. Heathcliff Say About Their Respective Characters?

17. Who Says - ""I Heard Of Your Marriage - Cathy - Not Long Since; And - While Waiting In The Yard Below - I Medi- Tated This Plan - just To Have One Glimpse Of Your Face - A Stare Of Surprise - Perhaps - And Pretended Pleasure; Afterwards Settle My Score With Hindley; And Then Prevent The Law By Doing Execution On Myself. Your Welcome Has Put These Ideas Out Of My Mind..." And What Does It Say About Their Character?

18. How Does Lockwood Get A Nosebleed?

19. How Does Hindley Feel About Heathcliff?

20. Why Is Lockwood Confused About The Social Position Of Hareton?

21. Why Does Mr. Lockwood Say That The Heights Is The Perfect Misanthropists Heaven?

22. What Was Lockwood's First Dream About?

23. Who Does Mr. Lockwood Think Cathy Heathcliff Should Be Married To?

24. What Two Questions Does Isabella Ask Nelly In Her Letter?

25. How Are Hindley And Edgar Different?

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