Wuthering Heights Test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Wuthering Heights Test |

1. What Does The Window Seem To Represent To Catherine?

2. What Is Heathcliff's Purpose In Having Cathy Visit Wuthering Heights? Is It Odd That He Confides His Goals In Nelly?

3. What Insight Into Heathcliff's Character Does He Gain By Pursuing The Antique Books?

4. What Does Catherine Compare Her Love For Edgar With?

5. What Conditions Does Linton Live Under At Wuthering Heights According To Servants There?

6. What Year Did The Book Start?

7. How Does Lockwood Get A Nosebleed?

8. What Does Wuthering Mean?

9. What Chamber Does Lockwood Sleep In?

10. Who Had "A Deep-rooted Fear Of Ruffling Catherine's Humor?"

11. Where Are Cathy And Hareton Going To Live Once They Are Married?

12. After Not Eating For Day - What Does Heathcliff Do In The Middle Of The Night?

13. How Does Nelly View Herself In The House?

14. Characterize Mr. Lockwood And His Current Situation.

15. What Does Catherine Compare Her Love For Heathcliff To?

16. How Does Lockwood Distinguish Nelly From Other Members Of Her Class?

17. When Lockwood Sees Catherine Linton What Does He Do And What Does Heathcliff Do?

18. How Has The Atmosphere At Wuthering Heights Affected Isabella Physically? Compare Her Appearance To Heathcliff's.

19. Who Does Mr. Lockwood Think Cathy Heathcliff Should Be Married To?

20. How Does Isabella React To Hindley's Plan? Is Her Response Surprising? What Does Her Response Demonstrate About Her Character?

21. Why Does Mr. Lockwood Say That The Heights Is The Perfect Misanthropists Heaven?

22. Who Is An Elderly - Nay - Old Man - Very Old Perhaps Through Hale And Sinewy?

23. What Does Mr. Lockwood Characterize Himself As?

24. What Reasons Does Heathcliff Give For Envying Edgar Linton?

25. What Analogy Does Nelly Use To Describe Her Distaste For Heathcliff's Presence At The End Of Chapter 10?


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