Microsoft Excel
Prove It - Microsoft Excel Test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Prove It - Microsoft Excel Test |

1. Copy

2. Conditional Formatting: Format The Selected Column (Column G) To Highlight Cells With "Light Red Fill With Dark Red Text" Option If The Cell Is Equal To "Yes".

3. Paste Special: Copy The Selected Cells And Paste With Actual Values

4. Use Average Function

5. Print Scaling

6. Selecting Cells: Select Cells A3 Through F3

7. Renaming A Worksheet

8. Header/Footer: Add The Footer "Page 1" To The Current Worksheet.

9. Print Centered On Page: Perform The Commands To Center The Selected Worksheets Both Horizontally And Vertically On The Printed Page.

10. Run A Macro: Run The Macro Named - "Phone"

11. Fill Handle: Use The Fill Handle To Fill The Empty Cells From G3:G11

12. Insert Worksheet

13. Edit Pivottable: Using The Current Worksheet's Pivottable - Add The Taskname As A Column Label

14. Borders: Create A Border Around The Selected Cells Using All Borders Or Outline And Inside

15. If Statement: In Cell G2 - Create A Formula That Will Place The Word "Yes" If Cell F2 (Quantity In Stock) Is Less Than 25% Of H2 (Quantity In Reorder) Or "No" If This Condition Is Not Met

16. Print Area: Set The Print Area To Contain The Selected Cells A1:C7

17. Spell Check

18. Convert Text To Columns: The Selected Column Contains A List Of Airport Codes And The Location On The Airport. Split The Selected Column - Using The Common Delimiter - A Colon (:) - So That The Airport Codes Are In Column K And The Airport Locations Are In Column L

19. Hide Column

20. Select Non-contiguous Cells: Select Cells G2 And C2 Without Selecting Cells D2 - E2 - And F2

21. Change The Chart Style To Style 8

22. Insert A Row

23. Apply Filter: Apply A Filter To Task Name (Column D) So That Only Design Tasks Are Shown

24. Sort: Sort The Selected Cells By Last Name - In Ascending Order

25. Create A Macro: Using The Macro Recorder - Record A Macro That Will Type "800-555-5555" In The Current Cell. The Macro Name Is "Phone" And The Shortcut-key To Assign To The Macro Is "Ctrl+e"

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