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Prove It - Microsoft Excel Test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Prove It - Microsoft Excel Test |

1. Renaming A Worksheet

2. Insert Worksheet

3. Countif: In Cell G2 - Create A Formula That Will Place The Number Of Occasions B2 Is Represented In Column B

4. Fill Handle: Use The Fill Handle To Fill The Empty Cells From G3:G11

5. Run A Macro: Run The Macro Named - "Phone"

6. Table Style: Change The Table Style To Table Style Light 2 (2nd Column - 1st Row)

7. Header/Footer: Add The Footer "Page 1" To The Current Worksheet.

8. Borders: Create A Border Around The Selected Cells Using All Borders Or Outline And Inside

9. Freeze Panes

10. Paste A Function

11. Open A Workbook

12. Sum Function

13. Create Pivotchart: Using The Current Worksheet's Selected Data - Create A Pivotchart That Displays The Project Name And Time In Hours

14. Custom Sort: Sort The Selected Cells By Time To Reorder? (In Z To A Order) And Then Quantity In Reorder (Smallest To Largest)

15. Column Width: Change The Width Of Column F So That The Contents Automatically Fit Within The Column

16. Hide Column

17. Copy

18. Select Multiple Worksheets: Select Worksheets Option 1 - Option 2 - And Option 3

19. Pivottable Filter: Modify The Pivottable So That Vacation Entries Are Removed

20. Sort: Sort The Selected Cells By Last Name - In Ascending Order

21. Font Size: Change The Selected Cell To 20pt

22. Font Style: Change The Font Style Of The Selected Cell To Bold

23. Merge And Center Cells

24. Insert Column: Insert A Column To The Left Of Column F

25. Create A Custom List


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