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Content Writing Skills Test (Upwork) |

Searching for '2010 OR 2011' (without quotes) in Google will show result pages that:
Show either of the two years.
Shows either 2010 or 2011
Show pages with the search term '2010 OR 2011'.
Show both the years.

Which of the following is true in the context of Search Engine Optimization?
The title of a web page should be at least 10 words long.
It is best to concentrate the keywords in the middle of the web page.
It is preferable to optimize one web page for only one keyword.
A keyword density of 15-20 % is regarded as optimum.

What things should you bear in mind when writing something?
The message you want to convey.
Your purpose for writing.
A and b
Your target audience.

Identify the misspelled word in the list below.

t doing business but charity. Offer as many payment and delivery options as you can
Overly long sentences
Results excluding pages which have the phrase Research Techniques Test in the webpages.
Overuse of bold text
Overuse of the passive voice

What results will Google generate for you if you type inurl:content writer in the search box?
Weird / Wierd
It will show web pages containing the words 'content writer' in the URL.
Sentence 1 is incorrect
It will show web pages containing the word 'content' in the URL
It will show web pages containing the words 'content writer' in the title.

What happens if you type the words Certification -Networking in the Google search box?
Google shows all the web pages containing the words Certification and Networking.
Google shows all the web pages in which the words Certification and Networking appear together.
Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification
Google shows web pages that contain the word Certification and also those that contain the word Networking.
Stationary / Stationery

Which of the following would you use if you want to search a query on multiple search engines simultaneously?
Your target audience.
A specialty search engine
A meta search engine
A mega search engine
The deep Web

What kind of writing style will you use for describing a university application process meant to be read by the student applicants and/or their parents?
Use italics for the parents and bold text for the students or vice versa.
Use your normal writing style.
Use a style suited for the parents

What is the best style of writing for online content?
Depends on the target audience
Formal style
Both a and b.
Conversational style
A mix of formal and conversational style

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT with regard to searching for information on a certain place on the internet?
The information available on the official website of a country in which the place is located is the most reliable source.
The information provided by a non-government website which sells tickets to visit the place is the most authentic.
The information provided on Wikipedia may or may not be authentic and reliable.
The information available on forums and blogs may or may not be correct and hence needs further verification.

Which of the following is among the search engine optimization 'best practices'?
Having unique content
Keyword stuffing

Searching for the phrase 'Research Techniques Test' (within quotes) in the Google search box will yield:
Provide a catchy title
Results excluding pages which have the phrase Research Techniques Test in the webpages.
Results including pages which contain exactly the same phrase

In this question
I and II are cliches.
All copies will lead to similar results.

Which of the following sentence constructions are INCORRECT?
They had rarely ever been seen talking to each other before that day.
She looked all around the place to ensure nobody was watching her.
Me and my sister went for a movie last night.
At the age of ten

What are some of the ways to make an article effective?
Provide a catchy title
Preceed / Succeed
Write long articles. The longer an article
Preceed / Seceede
Precede / Secede

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