Central Teacher Eligibility Test Ctet Level 1
CTET: Important Practice Questions
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

CTET: Important Practice Questions |

Which one of the following is against the spirit of pedagogy of Language?
Making Connections to students' lives
Designing experiences that interest Students
Making Students appear in as many tests as possible
Aligning experiences to important outcomes

How did the rich businessman react when he realized his mistake of not keeping his promise which he had made to Raidas?
None of the above
He asked Raidas to Come to his house the next day to take his reward
He left Mayadas' house immediately without having dinner
He justified that Raidas did not deserve an award since his poems were very ordinary

Why has Grameen made a second attempt to launch in the United States?
Recognition of the fact that disbursing Credit developing Countries during the recession is too risky
The realisation that a large percentage of the American population not reached by mainstream banks can be tapped
The Willingness of US banks to provide the necessary staff and funds to facilitate the spread of miCrofinan Cea
The rates of interest on loans in the US are exorbitant making it easier to recover Capital

The three students had come to attend college because of their......
poor financial background
strong willpower
family insistence
faith in philanthropists

The sheep is carried to the benches. It is an example of
degree of comparison
an interrogative sentence
a negative Sentence
passive Voice

What is unique about the treatment of Ayurveda as mentioned in the passage?
It is based on Cults
It is the oldest System of healing
It t reats the Whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease
It takes years to cure a disease

How did poor students manage their expenses in towns if a college education was not available to them in their villages?
Their fees and clothing expenses were borne by the colleges
They got help for their fees - clothing - food - etc. from families in those towns
Many families used to provide them facilities on payment
They used to get regular help from the philanthropist

You think that the teacher can give the right type of guidance to his students because
he is the teacher of his students
students are afraid of him
he understands the psychology of students
students obey his Commands

Which one of the following is not true in relation to the use of children literature?
Their reading proficiency deteriorates and gets Worse
It helps in developing learners' imagination
It broadens their mental horizon
It makes them understand and respect diverse cultures

The word which is opposite in meaning to 'encouraged is

In the se nte nce 'I shall go where my frie nd lives.' Where Lay friend lives is a
Adverb Clause
Noun clause
None of these
Adjective clause

Karuna Verma is bewildered at
the amount of Work that she has to do after becoming a mother
her mother's ability to combine her career with household Work
the responsibility of bringing up a daughter in a big city
the late hours of Work that her father followed

Critical pedagogy firmly believes that
the learners need not reason independently
the teacher should always lead the classroom instruction
What children learn out of school is irrelevant
the experiences and perceptions of learners are important

Enquiry-based learning
does not nurture Creative thinking in students
encourages quiet learners
does not place students in thought provoking situations
allows learners to raise questions

A student is poor and cannot buy books. What would you do for him?
You would get him books from the library
You would buy books for him from your own friends
You would collect donations from students to buy him books
You Would keep request the principal to help him

While writing - one of the cohesive devices used is
Content Words

The 'voice in the above sentence has been correctly changed in

Remedial teaching refers to teaching
after the regular school hours
to test learners periodically
to address gaps in learning
to help bright learners to excel

Raja Ram Mohan Roy believed that Indians would lag behind if they
did not learn traditional skills
did not study modern subjects
gave up study of Sanskrit
forgot their cultural roots

The expression 'silent lies in the second stanza implies that
Walls make one hide one's true feelings
Walls are Silent
Walls lie Silently around all of us
Walls are liars


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