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Management Skills Test
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Management Skills Test |

A tool to plot the duration of activities in a project and its dependencies is named after:
Henry Gantt
Toby Williams
Samuel Edwards
Robert George

What is the main advantage of employing staff on a temporary basis?
Greater flexibility in responding to customer requirements
Improved productivity
Lower staff turnover
Enhanced customer satisfaction

Delegation takes place when ______________.
a subordinate is given orders.
the manager closely monitors the subordinate's execution of a task.
a superior abrogates responsibility for a task.
one person gives another the right to do a piece of work.
operational decisions

Why does a business analyze its financial accounts to assess its solvency?
To check whether it can meet its current financial obligations.
To assess the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
To monitor depreciation.
To confirm customers are making prompt payments.
going long

Which of the following is not included in calculating working capital?
Stock of work in progress
Robert George

Which of the following defines 'apprenticeship' training?
A method of training designed to help new staff rapidly to acquire simple skills.
A method involving the creation of a separate training centre within the plant itself for the purpose of providing training to new employees.
Span of Control
A method of training meant to give the trainee sufficient knowledge and skill in those trades and crafts in which a long period of training is required for gaining complete proficiency.
A method of training which is generally provided to the skilled and technical personnel.

Which of the following would help a company manufacture products to the standard required by the customer?
Quality control
Performance appraisal
Stock control
Strategic planning approach

If the financial year starts in January
Performance appraisal
Stock control
a month or two earlier
in January
at the end of that year

The 'Principle of Order' applies to-------------- .
justice and kindness
right person in right job
one head and one plan
issuing instructions

Which two factors are combined to evaluate the size of risks facing an organization?
Impact and Importance
Probability and Impact
Enthusing and inspiring staff.
Scale and Importance.
Probability and Scale.

Which of the following statements is false?
Brand importance is higher in product categories where consumption is visible.
Decision-making should involve key stakeholders.
Legislation enacted in response to the high-profile Enron and WorldCom financial scandals to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise.
Brand importance differs for different product categories.
Brand importance is higher in product categories where new products are introduced frequently.

Which of the following represents the implementation of a 'Just-in-Time' production approach?
Receiving materials as and when they are required for production.
Take over the task for the employee so he or she will not become demoralized.
Having a large supply of materials ready to be processed.
The installation of a new computer system.
Implementing process controls to improve quality.

Which of the following is not a key function of leadership?
Being accountable for performance.
Enthusing and inspiring staff.
Closely monitoring the execution of tasks.
Setting strategic direction.

In which context are the terms Unfreezing and Refreezing used?
division of responsibility
Management of Change
Resistance to Change
Management of Order
Dimensions of Order

Which ratio shows an organization's effectiveness in minimizing production costs?
Current ratio
Gross profit ratio
Clear line of authority
Efficiency ratio
Selling ratio

Which of the following is neither a cash in-flow nor cash out-flow?
Mortgage repayments
provides information as to what the organization is trying to achieve.
Payments from debtors
Payments to creditors
Rents received

Operations can be classified according to their volume and variety of production
A carpenter's
right person in right job
A cashier's
one head and one plan

Which of the following is generally an inappropriate reason for delegation?
It relieves the manager of his/her heavy workload.
Integration of the interests of the personnel with that of the enterprise.
Management of customer requirements
Someone else is better qualified to do the task that needs to be done.
It frees the manager to address more complex


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