Management 101
The Project Manager
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

The Project Manager |

1. The Aesthetic Values Of A Culture Are Communicated Through The Culture's __________.

2. The Ideal Project Manager Should Be __________.

3. The Project Manager Needs __________ Credibility.

4. The Laws Of The Nation Are Often A Product Of The Nation's __________.

5. With Respect To Acquiring Resources - There Is A High Potential For Conflict Between The Functional Manager And The Project Manager. Describe A Major Source Of That Conflict And Suggest How It Can Be Properly Managed.

6. The Structure Of A Society Is Determined By Its __________.

7. __________ Results When The Demands Made On An Individual Are Greater Than The Person's Ability To Cope With Them - Particularly When The Person Has A High Need For Achievement.

8. The __________ Represents Everything Outside The System That Delivers Inputs Or Receives Outputs From The System.

9. The __________ Is The "Corporate Culture" Within The Organization - Or Even Within The Project.

10. Project Managers Must Have __________ - Which Refers To Possessing Enough Technical Abilities To Direct The Project.

11. Which Of The Following Is Not Typically Recommended To Be Considered When Hiring New Team Members?

12. During The Buildup Stage Of A Project Lifecycle - __________ Is The Dominant Goal Of Many Project Managers.

13. Resources Initially Budgeted For A Project Are Frequently __________ For The Task - Partly Because Of Natural Optimism By The Proposer About How Many Resources Are Needed.

14. When Managing A Project - The Project Manager Is Responsible For __________.

15. The __________ Is A Person Who Spearheads An Idea Or Action And Sells It Throughout The Organization.

16. The Project Manager's Responsibilities Are Broad And Fall Primarily Into Three Separate Areas. Identify The Item That Is Not One Of These.

17. Most Of The Time Spent By A Project Manager Is Spent __________.

18. Identify Three Important Characteristics That Would Be Desirable In A Project Manager. Explain Your Reasoning.

19. Identify The Attribute That Is Not Normally Associated With The Job Of Functional Manager.

20. According To The Authors - Three Major Questions Face The Project Manager With Respect To Synthesizing The Requirements Of A Project. Identify The Item That Is Not Listed As One Of The Three Major Questions.

21. During The __________ Stage Of The Project Lifecycle - There Is No Significant Difference In The Importance That Project Managers Place On The Three Goals Of Cost - Time - And Performance.

22. The Project Manager Makes A __________ By Allowing One Aspect Of The Project To Get Worse In Return For Allowing Another Aspect Of The Project To Get Better.

23. During The Buildup Phase - The Project Goals - In Order Of Importance - Are __________.

24. The Functional Manager Uses The __________ Approach And The Pm Uses The __________ Approach.

25. Pmi Offers A Certification For Project Managers. Pmi Offers Examination For Certification As __________.

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