Python Full Review
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

Python Full Review |

1. A(n) _______________ expression is made up of two or more boolean expressions.

2. Round()

3. .lower

4. Integer division

5. Fruitful function

6. Cd

7. True/false: to get the total number of iterations of a nested loop - multiply the number of iterations of all the loops.

8. ~88

9. What's the difference between argv and raw_input()?

10. The term _______________ refers to all of the physical devices that a computer is made of.

11. In flowcharting - the _______________ symbol is used to represent a boolean expression.

12. Global variable

13. A(n) ?? Validation loop is sometimes called an error trap or an error handler.

14. If

15. True/false: ram is a volatile memory used for temporary storage while a program is running.

16. In python - the variable in the for clause is referred to as the _____ because it is the target of an assignment at the beginning of each loop iteration.

17. A(n) ?? Structure causes a statement or set of statements to execute repeatedly.

18. Mkdir

19. Floating point

20. Pass

21. Instance variable

22. Whitespace

23. >=

24. Raw_input

25. Which of the following represents an example to calculate the sum of the numbers (accumulator)?


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