Python Full Review
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Python Full Review |

1. Syntax error

2. \n

3. Function argument

4. **when slicing if you wanted numbers 1 and 2 you would slice [0:2] so the code would include both the index 0 and 1

5. What is the disadvantage of coding in one long sequence structure?

6. Upper()

7. Python uses _______________ to categorize values in memory.

8. Operators

9. In python - the variable in the for clause is referred to as the _____ because it is the target of an assignment at the beginning of each loop iteration.

10. %d

11. Read() - method reads a string from an open file

12. Immutable type

13. Universal import

14. Def

15. Variable

16. Else must have a...

17. No - you write comments only to explain difficult to understand code or why you did something. Why is usually much more important - and then you try to write the code so that it explains how something is being done on its own. However - sometimes you have to write such nasty code to solve a problem that it does need a comment on every line. In this case it's strictly for you to practice translating code to english.

18. \uxxxxxxxx

19. 8 & 5

20. True/false: python formats all floating-point numbers to two decimal places when outputting using the print statement.

21. Lambda

22. .isalpha()

23. List of characters

24. Block

25. The \t escape character causes...

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