Restaurant Management Exam 2
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Restaurant Management Exam 2 |

1. Which is the most widely used advertising medium in north america?

2. Using the straight- line depreciation method - if an oven cost $2100 and is expected to last seven years __________ depreciation can be deducted each year for seven years.

3. Which bacterium lives in the intestine of chickens - ducks - mice - and rats and - given favorable conditions - may cause illness to humans (cooking foods to a temperature of 165¡f or higher can kill them)?

4. The cost of leasing a building is usually in __________.

5. Red wine gains its color during which process?

6. Which can be depreciated for tax purposes over its expected life?

7. Instead of roux- thickened sauces - pureed fruits and vegetables are used and liquids are reduced by cooking to appropriate thickness. This is known as __________ cuisine.

8. Grapes for making wine are harvested in the __________ - after they have been tested for maturity - acidity - and sugar content.

9. Keogh plans make it possible for a self- employed person or someone who has income from self- employment to put up to ___________ per year into a tax- sheltered retirement plan.

10. In purchasing a griddle - avery recommends buying only those that preheat to __________ in 7 to 12 minutes.

11. The __________ product is the tangible part of the product and it includes the physical aspects of the restaurant and its džcor.

12. The cost of ingredients must equal the __________.

13. Marketing efforts are most needed during __________.

14. __________ assumes that customers change and that they want new menu items - new atmosphere - and sometimes new service.

15. In many restaurants - servers are selected in a large part on the basis of __________.

16. The formula for doing the food cost percentage is __________.

17. Which established a broad range of standards with respect to vesting - funding - and planned participation in pension plans?

18. The __________ grade of meat is a very lean product - containing 4 percent fat - and is sometimes referred to as "grass- fed beef."

19. The __________ process enables chefs to safely (and efficiently) prepare large amounts of food for long- term storage in a refrigerated environment.

20. The most atmospheric restaurants are those with a __________.

21. The second step in the haccp system is to __________.

22. The __________ grade applies to highly specialized produce - a very small percentage of the total crop. This grade is rarely used on most commodities because it is too costly to pack.

23. According to the text - the total of all actual and potential guests is called the __________.

24. Theme restaurants - such as hard rock cafe and planet hollywood should be located near __________.

25. In coming up with a concept for a new restaurant you should:

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