Restaurant Management Exam 2
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Restaurant Management Exam 2 |

1. Full- service restaurants normally allow about __________ for a deuce.

2. Variable cost items include those mandated by law - such as: __________.

3. A forced- air convection oven is similar to a(n) __________ except that a fan or rotor - usually located in the back - makes for rapid circulation of the air and quicker heating of the food.

4. The dol or state labor department officials may demand that a restaurant operator produce wage and hour records within __________ hours.

5. Which is not a source of collateral for a bank mentioned in the text?

6. Several restaurants use the _________ to assist in managing the restaurant; it aids from planning to control.

7. Bacteria present in soil - intestines of animals - including humans - and in sewage

8. Pumpkin - various types of beans - squash - peppers - blackberries - raspberries - and tomatoes were all introduced to settlers through the __________.

9. The most atmospheric restaurants are those with a __________.

10. To avoid liquor control problems institute an audit _________.

11. Who is known as the as the creator of eggs benedict - veal oscar - and for aiding in the popularization of thousand island dressing?

12. Which conveys to the customer the best face or image of the restaurant - what people like most about it - or how it stands out from the competition?

13. What is meant by the phrase 'a piece of the action'?

14. According to the nation's restaurant news study - which do guests value over any other aspect of the dining experience?

15. Which best describes "oscar of the waldorf"?

16. In many restaurants - servers are selected in a large part on the basis of __________.

17. The educational foundation of the national restaurant association has developed informational video tapes and cd- roms. Topics areas include all except __________.

18. Which can be depreciated for tax purposes over its expected life?

19. Low- temperature dishwashing machines operate with water temperatures as low as __________. Germicidal chemicals - rather than heat - are used to kill the germs.

20. Easy access to restaurant web sites is important. It is also helpful to include:

21. __________ is made with butter and egg yolks.

22. Grapes for making wine are harvested in the __________ - after they have been tested for maturity - acidity - and sugar content.

23. When analyzing the competition it makes sense to do a __________ - which shows how your restaurant compares to the competition.

24. Velvety smooth sauces made from either thickened veal - fish - or chicken stock are called

25. Customers are more concerned about a food's __________ content than about cholesterol and sodium.


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