Restaurant Management Exam 2
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Restaurant Management Exam 2 |

1. Sales minus __________ equals gross profit is a standard accounting entry.

2. By definition - an off- sale general retail license authorizes the sale of __________.

3. Mcdonald's requires $300000 in cash or liquid assets - a __________ initial fee - plus a monthly service fee based on the restaurant's sales performance and rent.

4. Which menu separates similar entrées: beef in one section - seafood in another?

5. Menulink has developed a new feature that provides a method in which the receiving store can process material transfers in the same general way as if the materials were purchased from a food vendor who is enabled for electronic ordering and invoicing. This is called a(n) __________.

6. Which is the workhorse of restaurant operations?

7. Easy access to restaurant web sites is important. It is also helpful to include:

8. The grade __________ of meat comes from older cattle and lacks tenderness.

9. When combined - prime costs should not go above __________ of sales.

10. Psychologists tell us that inserting constructive criticism between two __________ softens the criticism while at the same time working the criticism.

11. Red wine gains its color during which process?

12. Two of the main menu pricing strategies include

13. The __________ grade applies to highly specialized produce - a very small percentage of the total crop. This grade is rarely used on most commodities because it is too costly to pack.

14. The __________ grade of meat is a very lean product - containing 4 percent fat - and is sometimes referred to as "grass- fed beef."

15. A term loan is repaid in __________.

16. The cost of leasing a building is usually in __________.

17. Restaurant buildings and equipment are most likely to be __________.

18. According to the nation's restaurant news study - which do guests value over any other aspect of the dining experience?

19. Theme restaurants - such as hard rock cafe and planet hollywood should be located near __________.

20. In setting up a corporation - one must own __________ of stock to maintain control.

21. Which best describes "oscar of the waldorf"?

22. Which pieces of kitchen equipment permits low- temperature roasting and baking?

23. ________ are the most expensive item served in most restaurants.

24. Which is not a consideration in menu planning?

25. According to brian wilber - district manager of bon appžtit management company - a chef is responsible for __________ of its food costs.

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