Sociology Exam
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

Sociology Exam |

1. The concept of _____ refers to a shared way of life - and the term _____ refers to a political entity

2. The concept of "glass ceiling" refers to

3. The social thinker whose ideas provided the greatest support for the operation of a free-market economy was

4. The power relationship between physicians and patients is immediately evident when the patient enters the doctor's office because

5. A federal government study in 2013/2014 found that about how many people in the U.S. were homeless for some time during a year

6. What gunnar myrdal called the "american dilemma" was

7. The point of describing gender in the israeli kibbutzim is to show that

8. While prejudice is a matter of _____ - discrimination is a matter of _____

9. In the nature versus nurture debate - sociologists claim that

10. The concept "feminization of poverty" refers to the fact that - in the U.S.

11. What does the concept "presentation of self" mean

12. Elite prostitutes-young - attractive - and well-educated women are widely referred to as

13. Emile durkheim pointed to 3 functions of religion for society. What is not one of them

14. Assume you are one of many people assembled at a university graduation ceremony. The concept that best describes this gathering is a

15. According to robert merton's strain theory - how would you classify a low-paid - yet compU.S. vely conforming bank teller who never seems to want tot get ahead but never seems to do anything wrong

16. According to karl marx - social stratification in a capitalist society always involves

17. Marx thought of inequality in terms of two main classes. In contrast - weber envisioned inequality in terms of

18. In all societies - kinship plays a part in social stratification because

19. Capitalist societies base their claim to democracy on

20. Race refers to _____ considered important by a society; ethnicity refers to _____

21. Industrialization decreases the importance of which type of authority

22. Sometimes the distinction between high culture and popular culture is not so clear - as show by the television show here comes honey boo-boo because

23. In 2015 - how many independent nations were there in the world

24. Wallerstein pointed to several factors that cause dependency among low-income nations. What factor did wallerstein not claim to be a cause of dependency

25. At any given time you occupy a number of statuses. These statuses make up your


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