Sociology Exam
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Sociology Exam |

1. Reducing prison overcrowding - the costs of dealing with offenders - and helping offenders avoid the stigma of incarceration are all advantages of

2. Criminal statistics gathered by the federal bureau of investigation reflect

3. If you often have the feeling of being "trapped in the wrong body - " you might be

4. Which concept refers to attitudes and activities that society links to people of each sex

5. Using a marxist approach - steven spitzer claims that prime targets for deviant labeling include

6. The concept "retrospective labeling" refers to the process of

7. An important exception to male domination of the U.S. workplace is that

8. According to the modernization theory - the greatest barrier to economic development is

9. Today - the factor people most commonly use in considering a young woman or man to have reached adulthood is whether or not the person

10. Industrialization decreases the importance of which type of authority

11. A caste system is defined as

12. Sometimes the distinction between high culture and popular culture is not so clear - as show by the television show here comes honey boo-boo because

13. Most of today's sociologists agree with auguste comte's claim that

14. Authoritarian personality theory states that extreme prejudice is

15. A family that includes parents - children - and other kin is called

16. According to erving goffman - we engage in _____ when we use costumes - props - tone of voice - and gestures to convey information to others

17. The concept of "intergenerational social mobility" refers to change in social position

18. Sociologists use which concept to refer to behavior that people expect from someone who holds a particular status

19. In general - an important foundation of humor is

20. Japan - canada - and the nations of western europe are all classified as

21. According to intersection theory - _____ is a source of social disadvantage

22. Max weber argued that formal organizations were efficient - but he cautioned that they can have harmful effects on people. As he saw it - what is the danger

23. At any given time you occupy a number of statuses. These statuses make up your

24. Dependency theory differs from modernization theory by

25. The sapir-whorf thesis states that

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