It Essentials Exam
IT Essentials (Ite V6.0) Checkpoint Exam Review
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

IT Essentials (Ite V6.0) Checkpoint Exam Review |

1. Why Would An Administrator Use Windows Remote Desktop And Windows Remote Assistant?

2. What Are Two Effects Of Not Having A Preventive Maintenance Plan For Users And Organizations?

3. Which Measure Can Help Control Rfi Effects On Wireless Networks?

4. A Corporation Has Expanded To Include Multiple Remote Offices Around The Globe. Which Technology Should Be Used To Allow The Remote Offices To Communicate And Share Network Resources Privately?

5. A Customer Who Wants To Enhance Home Network Security Is Shopping For Devices. The Sales Representative Recommends A Device That Has A Hardware Firewall. Which Device Can Provide This Service?

6. A Technician Notices That An Application Is Not Responding To Commands And That The Computer Seems To Respond Slowly When Applications Are Opened. What Is The Best Administrative Tool To Force The Release Of System Resources From The Unresponsive Application?

7. Which Three Actions Should Be Part Of A Regular Computer Preventive Maintenance Plan?

8. What Is The First Step In The Troubleshooting Process?

9. A Technician Is Attempting To Create Virtual Machines On A Pc But Wants To Ensure That The Physical System Resources Used By The Virtual Machines Are Directly Managed By Them And Not By The Host Operating System. How Can The Technician Accomplish This?

10. A Server Administrator Needs To Set Up A New Server With Disk Fault Tolerance Technology. The Administrator Decides To Deploy Raid 0+1 Technology. What Is The Minimum Number Of Disks Needed To Deploy The Disk Array Setting?

11. What Physical Layer Medium Is Used By Dsl To Provide High-speed Data Communications?

12. Which Two Hardware Features Would A Technician Monitor Within The Bios If A Computer Was Suspected Of Overheating?

13. When A Used Cpu Is Being Installed - What Two Items Should Be Used To Clean The Top Of The Cpu And The Base Of The Heat Sink Before Applying Thermal Compound?

14. Which Key Or Key Sequence Pressed During The Boot Process Will Allow A User To Start A Windows Pc Using The Last Known Good Configuration?

15. After Performing A Preventive Maintenance On A Pc - The Technician Powers On The Pc Only To Find That Nothing Happens. What Is The Most Likely Problem?

16. A Desktop User Has Requested The Ability To Easily Transfer Photos From A Camera Sd Card To A Computer. Which Device Can Be Installed On The Desktop Computer To Fulfill This Request?

17. What Component Can Be Replaced And Upgraded On A Pc To Increase The Data Processing Speed?

18. What Three Voltages Are Commonly Provided By The Power Supply To The Various Components Inside The Computer?

19. A Pc Technician Is Having Trouble With A Windows-based System And Wants To Perform A System Restore From The Command Prompt. What Command Would Start This Process?

20. What Is The Function Of The Dns Server?

21. Copper Network Cables Consist Of Pairs Of Wires That Are Twisted Together. Which Type Of Signal Interference Is Reduced Or Prevented By This?

22. On Which Two Occasions Is It Most Likely That A Technician Will Have To Perform A Clean Operating System Installation If A Backup Has Not Been Performed?

23. Hard Drives In A Grocery Warehouse Keep Failing Because Of The Adverse Warehouse Environment. What Would Be A Possible Solution For This High Failure Rate?

24. A User Notices That Some Of The Programs That Are Installed Before Upgrading To Windows 7 No Longer Function Properly. What Can The User Do To Fix This Problem?

25. A Computer Can Access Devices On The Same Network But Cannot Access Devices On Other Networks. What Is The Probable Cause Of This Problem?


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