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Internet Security Fundamentals Test
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Internet Security Fundamentals Test |

Which of the following are the public keys of asymmetric key pairs that are used to encrypt keys using a public key algorithm ?
Private signature key
Private key transport key
Public authentication key
Public signature verification key

Which of the following represents a cryptographic key that is intended to be used for a long period of time?
It is the specialized dataset that is able to decrypt cyphertext.
Private static key agreement key
Public signature verification key
Public authentication key
Private key transport key

What happens during the TCP attack; Denial of Service?
A virus is sent to disable their dos prompt.
Information is repeatedly sent to the victim to consume their system resources - causing them to shut down.
A worm is loaded onto the victims computer to disable their keyboard.
Virus damages data and also steals sensitive private information
Viruses are sent to their ISP to deny them tech support.

What is necessary for a cross-site script attack with cookies to be thwarted?
Conficker Virus
Virtual machines

Digital signatures provide which of the following ?
Integrity protection
All of the given options are correct

What does TCP mean?
Total Content Positioning
Technical Control Panel
Transmittable Constant Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol

Which of the following is collection of Internet-connected programs communicating with other similar programs in order to perform tasks?
Trojan horse
Direct introduction of viruses into a victims computer.

Which of the following are valid Cryptographic key types?
Public authentication key
Key wrapping keys
Public signature verification key
All of the given options are correct
Private signature key

Which of the following are the basic functionalities of the IPsec Protocol ?
Security protocols for AH and ESP
Manual and automatic key management for the internet key exchange
Security association for policy management and traffic processing
All of the given options are correct
Virus scanning only.

When cookies are used as session identifiers - how are they then used as a potential security hazard?
Attackers emulate users by stealing their cookies.
SSL layer
They emulate user's by downloading all the victims information onto a virtual machine.
User's cookies are altered to a virus-like state.
They emulate user's by stealing their personal identity.

Which of the following is a valid Internet Security requirement?
Ways to disconnect your router in an emergency.
All of the given options are correct

Which version of TLS is vulnerable to BEAST exploit?
TLS 3.0
TLS 2.0
Large-scale sequel databases such as those containing credit card information.
TLS 1.1
TLS 0.5

Which of the following keys are the private keys of asymmetric (public) key pairs that are used only once to establish one or more keys ?
Private ephemeral key agreement key
Symmetric random number generation keys
Linux drives are fully encrypted - thus they don't need sandboxing.
Asymmetric random number generation keys
Public ephemeral key agreement key

What are TLS and SSL?
Cryptographic protocols.
Internet protocols.
Internet layers
Network layers.

Can a proxy be used as a firewall? If so - how?
No. Proxies are firewalls that are maintained at locations other than that of the user.
Virus scanning only.
No. All a proxy does is re-rout Internet traffic - and thus all the malicious signals that go with it.
No. Proxies are data encryption stations whose sole purpose is to encrypt and re-rout data.
Yes. A proxy acts as a network intermediary for the user that serves to control the flow of incomming and outgoing traffic.

According to OWASP what is the most dangerous web vulnerability?
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Injections (SQL - LDAP - etc)
TLS 1.1
Security Misconfiguration
Cross-site-scripting (XSS)

Which of the following uses asymmetric cryptography ?
Symmetric signature authentication key
(none of these)
Both VoIP and SSL

Which of the following is not a VALID type of firewall?
Packet filters
Symmetric signature authentication key
Proxy Server Gateways
Application-level gateways
Circuit-level gateways

Secure Sockets Layer is a predecessor of which cryptographic protocol?
Transport Layer Security
SSL 3.0
SQL injection.

What is Internet Protocol Security?
A virus is sent to disable their dos prompt.
Ways to disconnect your router in an emergency.
Methods to secure your documents from physical breaches.
Methods to secure Internet Protocol (IP) communication.
Methods to secure a disconnected computer.

How are port numbers categorized?
Static - dynamic - enigmatic
Well-known - registered - and static/dynamic.
Known - well-known - unknown
Unknown - unregistered - invalid
Secure cookies are passed along via encrypted programs.

When is encrypted data the safest?
When it is at rest.
When it is being transferred via usb stick.
When it is in transit.
To do a series of brute force attacks within the system itself and a series of external attacks from other servers.
When it is being written.

Which of the following HTTP method is considered insecure ?
Black-listing access to TCP services on critical systems.

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