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IT Advanced Technical Support Terms
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IT Advanced Technical Support Terms |

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Solution To An Overheating Problem?

2. Which Type Of Memory Can Support Quad - Triple - And Dual Channels?

3. Which Statement Is Not True Regarding Ivy Bridge Chipsets When Compared To Earlier Products?

4. What Has Occurred If You See The Message "Chassis Intruded! System Has Halted." The Next Time You Start Your Computer?

5. A ________ Supplies +3.3v - +5v - And -12v Voltages.

6. Sandy Bridge Processors House

7. What Socket Type Is Soldered To The Motherboard - Along With The Cpu?

8. When Testing A Laptop Power Connector - How Close Should The Voltage Measured Be To The Accepted Voltage Of The Laptop?

9. How Many Pins Are Used In A Parallel Port - Also Known As An Lpt Port?

10. What Unit Is Used To Measure The Frequency Of Memory - Fsb - And The Processor?

11. If You Suspect Your System Is Overheating - How Can You Determine The Cpu Temperature?

12. What Is The Most Used Rail On A Power Supply?

13. Which Statement Is Not True Regarding Motherboards?

14. What Component Is Most Likely To Be Installed In A Pc - Is Considered Primary Storage - And Typically Stores The Operating System - As Well As Its Applications?

15. What Are Round Plastic Or Metal Pegs That Separate The Motherboard From The Bottom Of The Case Known As?

16. If You Have A Pci Express Version 2 Video Card - How Many Pins Will The Power Connector Have If The Card Requires Extra Power?

17. A Ddr4 Dimm With A Pc Rating Of Pc4-17000 Is Running At What Speed?

18. What Tool Can Help Discover And Report Computer Errors And Conflicts That Occur When You First Turn On A Computer And Before The Operating System Is Launched?

19. What Is A Typical Symptom Of A Cmos Battery Failure?

20. Which Of The Following Is Not The Name Of A Current Family Of Intel Processors?

21. At What Point During The Motherboard Installation Should You Install The Motherboard Drivers?

22. When Installing A Processor - You Must Not Line Up

23. Law Enforcement Agencies Sometimes Use What Type Of Data To Reconstruct A Person's Travels?

24. To Move A Hard Drive To Another Computer For The Purposes Of Accessing The Data - You Don't Always Need To

25. Typically - Lga Sockets _________Pga Sockets .

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