Supervision 101
Supervisor Exam
Answer 25 questions in 10 minutes.

Supervisor Exam |

1. In The Context Of Equity Theory - _____ Occurs When A Referent's Outcome/Input (O/I) Ratio Is Better Than One's Own O/I Ratio.

2. Which Of The Following Best Defines An Incremental Change?

3. Which Of The Following Is A Decision-making Method That Can Be Used To Create C-type Conflict By Assigning An Individual Or A Subgroup The Role Of Critic?

4. _____ Is A Tactic That Typically Involves Framing Issues As Public Issues; Exposing Questionable - Exploitative - Or Unethical Practices; And Creating Controversy That Is Likely To Receive Extensive News Coverage.

5. According To Maslow - Which Of The Following Is On The Top Of The Hierarchy Of Needs?

6. _____ Is The Regulation Of Workers' Behavior And Decisions Through Widely Shared Organizational Values And Beliefs.

7. In The Context Of Managing Resistance To Change - Which Of The Following Is An Error That Managers Make In The Change Phase?

8. Which Of The Following Is True Of Supportive Leadership?

9. _____ Is Feedback Intended To Be Helpful - Corrective - And/Or Encouraging.

10. Fiedler Uses A Questionnaire Called The _____ Scale To Measure Leadership Style.

11. Concertive Controls Are Based On:

12. According To _____ - Goals Energize Behavior And Also Create Tension Between The Goal - Which Is The Desired Future State Of Affairs - And Where The Employee Or Company Is Now - Meaning The Current State Of Affairs.

13. Which Of The Following Has The Most Autonomy In The Autonomy Continuum?

14. Which Of The Following Is A Characteristic Of Cognitive Conflict?

15. Which Of The Following Is True Of Business Confidence Indices?

16. Social Loafing Occurs When:

17. Recognizing Deep-level Diversity Is Important Because It Can:

18. Which Of The Following Best Defines Delegation Of Authority?

19. Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of A Large Team?

20. _____ Is A Type Of One-on-one Communication That Involves Communicating With Someone About Non-job-related Issues That May Be Affecting Or Interfering With The Person's Performance.

21. Managers Who Use Bureaucratic Control Are Known To:

22. The Access And Legitimacy Paradigm Focuses On:

23. Once A Company Compares Its Actual Performance To Performance Standards - The Next Step It Should Take In The Control Process Is To:

24. To Determine Whether Control Is Worthwhile - A Company Must Consider Its _____.

25. Job Specifications Can Be Defined As:


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