It Essentials Exam
IT Essentials (Ite V6.0) Networking Concepts
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IT Essentials (Ite V6.0) Networking Concepts |

1. How Many Host Addresses Are Available On A Network With A Subnet Mask Of

2. What Is Identified By The 100 In The 100base-tx Standard?

3. What Tcp/Ip Model Layer Is Responsible For Mac Addressing?

4. A _________ Uses Ip Addresses To Forward Traffic From One Network To Other Networks.

5. Which Pairs Of Wires Change Termination Order Between The 568a And 568b Standards?

6. Which Two Characteristics Describe Ethernet Technology? (Choose Two.)

7. Which Ieee Standard Operates At Wireless Frequencies In Both The 5 Ghz And 2.4 Ghz Ranges?

8. A Technician Is Troubleshooting A Problem Where The User Claims Access To The Internet Is Not Working - But There Was Access To The Internet The Day Before. Upon Investigation - The Technician Determines That The User Cannot Access The Network Printer In The Office Either. The Network Printer Is On The Same Network As The Computer. The Computer Has Assigned As An Ip Address. What Is The Most Likely Problem?

9. Which Device Provides Wireless Connectivity To Users As Its Primary Function?

10. When Would A Printer Be Considered A Network Host?

11. Which Three Layers Of The Osi Model Map To The Application Layer Of The Tcp/Ip Model? (Choose Three.)

12. A Device Has An Ipv6 Address Of 2001:0db8:75a3:0214:0607:1234:Aa10:Ba01 /64. What Is The Host Identifier Of The Device?

13. Which Two Types Of Signal Interference Are Reduced More By Stp Than By Utp? (Choose Two.)

14. Which Technology Is Most Often Used To Connect Devices To A Pan?

15. How Many Devices Can A Bluetooth Device Connect To Simultaneously?

16. Which Two Layers Of The Osi Model Correspond To The Functions Of The Tcp/Ip Model Network Access Layer? (Choose Two.)

17. Which Three Factors Are Reasons For A Company To Choose A Client/Server Model For A Network Instead Of Peer-to-peer? (Choose Three.)

18. What Is A Characteristic Of The Udp Protocol?

19. A Customer Is Considering A Multipurpose Device To Create A Home Network. Which Three Devices Are Usually Integrated Into A Multipurpose Network Device? (Choose Three.)

20. What Pdu Is Associated With The Network Layer Of The Osi Model?

21. Which Layer Of The Osi Model Is Responsible For Logical Addressing And Routing?

22. A Network Specialist Has Been Hired To Install A Network In A Company That Assembles Airplane Engines. Because Of The Nature Of The Business - The Area Is Highly Affected By Electromagnetic Interference. Which Type Of Network Media Should Be Recommended So That The Data Communication Will Not Be Affected By Emi

23. What Is The Correct Order Of The Layers Of The Tcp/Ip Model From The Top Layer To The Bottom?

24. Which Network Device Makes Forwarding Decisions Based On The Destination Mac Address That Is Contained In The Frame?

25. What Is A Characteristic Of A Wan?

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