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Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals Test |

What does the yellow diamond on a connector shape mean?
The two objects connected will stay connected even if moved
The connector line will not print
The connector has not yet been attached
The connector will not hold if the objects are moved
Move the highlighted object to the front of all objects.

What is the shortcut to launch the Visual Basic editor?
Alt + Shift + F7
Alt + F11
Ctrl + F1
Ctrl + Shift + F11
Home + F5

One difference between SmartArt and Clip Art is:
SmartArt is editable - Clip Art can only be resized
SmartArt cannot be used in Visio
Transition between animations.
SmartArt is stored in a gallery
Clip Art is not copyrighted

Which of these is NOT a transition?
Ferris Wheel

Can you combine two shapes in PowerPoint and make it a single object?
Yes - for an additional cost
Only if you have a YouTube account

True or False: Animation schemes applied to objects within a slide can be applied across the whole presentation at the same time.
Change the Size property in the Format Picture box
Highlight the word/Format/Language/Translation
Change the size and reimport

How would you make a shape change size in a slideshow?
Highlight the word/Format/Language/Translation
Use the Zoom In or Zoom Out animation
Change the Size property in the Format Picture box
Change the size and reimport
Use the Grow/Shrink animation

When designing a slide you can Group shapes or objects together for easier movement.
Transition between animations.
Transition between slides.

Powerpoint describes a motion path as:
An animation effect on a slide
An entrance animation on a slide
Text boxes are provided when you choose a layout and can???t be inserted afterwards.
An AutoShape
A method of moving from slide to slide

By choosing the translation option for a single word - you are given the option of replacing the word with the translation within the presentation.
Change the Size property in the Format Picture box
Highlight the word/Format/Language/Translation

When an object is selected - what does the 'Send to Back' option do?
Move the highlighted object behind the object directly behind it.
Move the highlighted object in front of the object directly on top of it.
Move the highlighted object behind all other objects.
Move the highlighted object to the front of all objects.

How do you add a song to the presentation?
Review > Music > Select File
The connector has not yet been attached
Insert > Media > Select File
Extras > Audio/Visual > Insert Audio
Insert > Audio > Audio from File

Where do you enable/disable the Developer tab?
File --> Options --> Customize Ribbon
File --> Options --> General
File --> Options --> Proofing
File --> Options --> Add-ins

Which of the following is NOT a preset animation effect in PowerPoint?
Design/Slide Master/Custom Theme/Apply
Fly In

Which company was PowerPoint developed by?
Security settings

Area charts can be in
Only 2-D
Neither 2-D nor 3-D
Only 3-D
Your Email platform
Both 2-D and 3-D

You've a customized design template in one presentation and you want to use it in another presentation. Which of the following will do this?
Each template must be unique to one presentation file at a time.
Change slide shape
Browse in the Slide Design task pane to find the file that has your template and apply it to the current file.
Create a new presentation - with the same format as the last one
Upload the desired template to each slide as an image from Insert>Image

Can you start the slide show from any slide or does it have to start from the beginning?
You can select the slide you want to start the slide show with.
Only format
Only change the brightness and contrast
Add line styles and change the brightness and contrast
It has to start from the beginning

In adding media file - where can we import our file?
In your computer
In clip organizer
All of these

When you apply a design template to a presentation - it can be...
Applied along with another template to the same slide
None of the above
Applied to all slides
Insert Tab - Smartart - choose table
Modified in slide show view

A slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted test is called a _____ bulleted list slide.
Move the highlighted object directly in front of the next object in the stack.

What is the keyboard shortcut to show or hide the grid?

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