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Prove It - Microsoft Powerpoint Test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

Prove It - Microsoft Powerpoint Test |

1. Change The Charts Animation To Enter As A Wipe By Series

2. Move The Selected Table To Be Under The Text On The Current Slide.

3. Make A Copy Of This Powerpoint Presentation To The Desktop.

4. Center The Text (Do Not Change The Outline Tab: Stay On The Slides Tab.)

5. Change The Presentation So That The Slide Number Is Not On The Title Slide

6. Apply The Concourse Them To This Presentation(Refer To The Tool Tip For Which Built-in Template Is Concourse)

7. Insert The Picture "Competition"(Located In The "Pictures" Library) Into The Current Slide.

8. Without Changing The View - Add The Note - "Go Over Agenda" To The Current Slide.

9. Add A New Slide To This Presentation

10. Change The Current Slides Layout To "Title - Text - And Content".

11. Indent The Selected Text One Level( To The Right)

12. Change The Picture Style To The "Drop Shadow Rectangle"

13. Set Automatic Slide Timings So That Every Slide Advances Every 5 Seconds When Running Your Slide Show.

14. Customize The Animation Of The Selected Image To Have A Checkerboard Entrance

15. Give This Slide The Title " Agenda"

16. Edit The Selected Slide So That "Positioning Of Product" Becomes "Positioning Of Product Or Seervice"

17. Change The Selected Text's Font To Small Caps.

18. Without Changing The Layout - Insert A Table With 12 Columns And 4 Rows On The Current Slide

19. Change The Selected Legend To Show The Legend At The Top.

20. Change The Selected Chart Style To Style 43)

21. Add The "Fade" Slide Show Transition The Selected Slides.

22. Without Changing The View - Go To The Fist Slide

23. Without Changing The View - Delete The Selected Slide.

24. Without Changing The View - Move Slide 3 After Slide 4

25. Change The Current View To Slide Sorter View


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