Customer Service Basics
Customer Service Final Study Guide
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Customer Service Final Study Guide |

1. The System Of Identifying Issues - Determining Alternatives For Dealing With Them - Then Selecting And Monitoring A Strategy For Resolution Is Known As:

2. Nonverbal Communication Cues That Send Powerful Messages Through Gestures - Vocal Qualities - Manner Of Dress And Grooming Are Known As:

3. When Customers Take Their Business To Competitors When They Feel Their Needs Were Not Met.

4. The Phase Of The Listening Process In Which A Listener Focuses Attention On A Specific Sound Or Message.

5. Not A Basic Step In The Planning Process

6. A Concept In Which Employees Can Act Without Asking First For Management Intervention To Resolve A Customer Issue Is Called:

7. Customers Who Have Definite Ideas About What They Want And Are Unwilling To Compromise.

8. The Best Suggestion To Provide Good Service Is:

9. A Central Point Within An Organization From Which All Customer Service Contacts Are Managed By Various Forms Of Technology Is The:

10. Term Coined By Tony Alessandra Related To Going Beyond The Step Of Treating Customers The Way You Want To Be Treated - To The Next Level Of Treating Them The Way They Would Like To Be Treated:

11. The Different Characteristics - Values - Beliefs And Factors That Make People Different Yet Similar Are Known As:

12. The Ability To Gain - Store And Retain Information In The Brain For Later Application.

13. The Best Way To Create A Service Culture Is To:

14. The Direction Or Vision Of An Organization That Supports Day-to-day Interaction With Customers Is The:

15. A Practice Of A Message Receiver Giving Back In His Or Her Own Word What He Or She Believes A Sender Said.

16. The Word Used To Describe The Giving Of Decision-making And Problem-solving Authority To Lower-level Employees Is:

17. The Interpersonal Communication Model Contains The Environment - The Sender - The Receiver - Message - Channel And:

18. This System Routes Incoming Calls To The Next Available Agent Based On The Number Called.

19. The Mechanism Or Strategies Used By An Organization To Provide Service To Customers Is Known As:

20. To Deliver Quality Service Effectively - You Must:

21. Groupings Of Nonverbal Behavior To Indicate Possible Positive Or Negative Intent Are Called:

22. Pitch - Volume - Rate - Quality - Articulation And Other Attributes Are Known As:

23. Direct Benefits Of CRM Are All Of The Following Except:

24. Those Who Actively Seek Out - Research And Buy - Rent Or Lease Products Or Services Offered By A Business Are Its:

25. The Dimensions Of Trust Used By Organizations To Create System And Staff Strategies That Foster Trust Include All The Following - Except:

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