Customer Service Basics
MERA Customer Service Screening Pre-test
Can you answer 25 questions in 10 minutes?

MERA Customer Service Screening Pre-test |

1. This Is An Acceptable Way To Ask A Customer's Permission To Provide Alternatives?

2. A Customer Approaches The Service Desk With A Toy Doll. She Says That She Bought The Doll For Her Niece's Birthday A Month Ago And That The Doll No Longer Speaks. What Should You Do First?

3. The Best Way To Talk To A New Customer Is To?

4. A New Customer Comes Into Your Department - But You Are Helping Another Customer? You Should

5. This Step Will Help You Keep Commitments To Customers?

6. Two Of The Basics Needed To Ensure That A Customer Has A Pleasant Experience When He Comes To Your Store Are?

7. Requiring All Salespeople To Greet Customers Immediately Upon Entering The Store Is An Example Of What Type Of Quality?

8. What Question Do You Ask To Get Feedback To See If The Computer Software Met Expectations Of The Customer?

9. The Customer Has Said "No - Thank You" When You Offered To Help. You Should Back Off For The Time Being - But Remain Alert For A Sign That You Are Needed.

10. If The Customer Is Not Shopping Alone - You Can Include The Rest Of The Party By?

11. Three Ways To Create A Positive Impression Of You And The Store Include: Complimenting The Customer's Taste; Assuring The Customer That He Is The Expert And>

12. Your Ultimate Goal As A Sales Associate Is To

13. You Can Best Determine The Customer's Needs By Gathering Information Through Careful Observation And By?

14. Warranties Provide Repair And/Or Maintenance For A Specific Time For A Car - Home - Or Major Appliance And Is Included In The Price Of The Product (Usually Provided By The Manufacturer). What Is The Purpose Of This Warranty?

15. A Good Reason For Creating An Opening For Discussion Is To?

16. This Is An Example Of An Open Ended Question.

17. A Computer Store Has A Sign Posted On The Door That Says - "No Food Or Drink To Be Brought Into The Store." A Sales Associate Is Ringing Up A Customer And See That Another Customer Has A Small Child Who Is Eating An Ice Cream Cone. The Child Is Standing In Front Of Your Newest Laptops. What Should The Sales Associate's Best Response Be?

18. Referring A Customer To A Competitor Will Likely Result In?

19. How Would You Handle A Situation When A Customer Wants A Brand That You Do Not Carry?

20. What Phrase May Be Appropriate When Discussing Clothing Size With Your Customer?

21. The Warranty Is An Excellent Tool For You To Use For?

22. When Balancing Services Between Phone Customers And Those You May Already Be Helpful In The Store - You Should?

23. If Your Company Does Not Have A Manual Available Or Are Unsure About A Warranty Answer - A Resource To Consider Is

24. Communication Is Important! When Providing Service Ot A Person Who Is Hearing Impaired - You Should?

25. To Keep The Lines Of Communication Open - The Best Questions To Ask Are?

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