General Knowledge

18 Unique Units of Measurements

Unit - Equivalence  - Used to Measure

acre 4,840 square yards land area
bale about 500 pounds weight of cotton, hay
bolt 50 to 60 yards length of cloth
carat 0.2 gram weight of gemstones
cubit about 18 inches length (ancient)
fathom 6 feet depth of water
furlong 220 yards (1/8 mile) race distance
gross 12 dozen number
hand 4 inches height of horses
hogshead 63 gallons volume of liquid
knot (nautical mile) about 1.15 miles per hour speed on water
league about 3 nautical miles distance on or depth of water
magnum 1.5 liters volume of wine
parsec 3.262 light years distance in space
ream 500 sheets amount of paper
span 9 inches width (ancient)
stone 14 pounds weight (ancient)

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