General Knowledge

List of 650+ Important Words To Know

abdicate, v. to relinquish power, renounce, abandon, resign
aberration, n. deviation, irregularity
abrogate, v. to do away with, abolish, annul
abscond, v. to leave quickly, flee
abstemious, adj. self-disciplined, temperate, moderate
accede, v. to give in, agree, consent
acme, n. pinnacle, summit, culmination
acrid, adj. bitter, caustic, pungent
acumen, n. insight, wisdom, quickness
adamant, adj. unyielding, obstinate, inflexible
adjudicate, v. to pass judgment, arbitrate, referee
advent, n. arrival, beginning, initiation
aegis, n. protection, guidance, tutelage
affinity, n. attraction, sympathy, resemblance
aggrandize, v. to exaggerate, enhance, overdo
agnate, adj. related on the father’s side
alacrity, n. enthusiasm, readiness, eagerness
albeit, conj. notwithstanding, although
allege, v. to contend, claim, assert
amalgamate, v. to combine, merge, integrate
ambient, adj. surrounding, encircling
ambulate, v. to walk, saunter, stroll
ameliorate, v. to improve, upgrade, enhance
amicable, adj. friendly, cordial, harmonious
amphora, n. jar, jug
anchorite, n. recluse, hermit
anima, n. soul, spirit
animus, n. ill will, hostility, enmity
anneal, v. to strengthen, harden
anomalous, adj. abnormal, atypical, deviant
antebellum, adj. prewar
antediluvian, adj. ancient, prehistoric, primitive
apiculture, n. beekeeping
aplomb, n. self-confidence, composure, self-assurance
apoplectic, adj. irate, angry, furious
apostate, n. renegade, disbeliever, runaway
approbation, n. approval, praise, commendation
arboreal, adj. tree-dwelling
archetype, n. standard, model, prototype
arduous, adj. laborious, difficult, demanding
arras, n. wall hanging, tapestry
artisan, n. craftsperson
ascertain, v. to discover, determine, ensure
aspersion, n. insinuation, defamation, slur
assiduous, adj. industrious, diligent, persistent
assuage, v. to alleviate, allay, ease
atelier, n. studio, workshop
audacious, adj. bold, overconfident, reckless
august, adj. grand, impressive, majestic
aureole, n. halo, aura
auspicious, adj. lucky, favorable, fortunate
austere, adj. sober, plain, severe
avaricious, adj. greedy, acquisitive, grasping
avuncular, adj. like an uncle
axiom, n. maxim, truth, principle
babel, n. din, confusion, noise
badinage, n. banter, repartee, chitchat
bagatelle, n. trifle, triviality
bailiwick, n. specialty, field of expertise
baleful, adj. sinister, menacing, malevolent
banal, adj. cliched, trite, hackneyed
bane, n. blight, curse, injury
bastion, n. mainstay, stronghold
bazaar, n. open-air market, flea market
beatific, adj. saintly, blessed, venerable
beguile, v. to entice, charm, captivate
behest, n. command, request, order
belay, v. to secure, make fast
beleaguer, v. to harass, bother, pester
belie, v. to contradict, misrepresent, disprove
bellicose, adj. warlike, aggressive, contentious
belligerent, adj. hostile, quarrelsome, argumentative
beneficent, adj. kind, charitable, of assistance
benign, adj. caring, kind, gentle
berate, v. to scold, reproach, criticize
berserk, adj. frenzied, crazy, uncontrollable
beseech, v. to beg, plead, implore
bibliophile n. book collector
bifurcate, v. to divide, branch, fork
bilk, v. to cheat, swindle, defraud
blandish, v. to cajole, wheedle, sweet-talk
blight, v. to damage, ruin, disfigure
bludgeon, v. to club, beat, bash
boisterous, adj. rowdy, noisy, unruly
bolster, v. to prop up, support, encourage
bombast, n. bluster, pomposity, bravado
boycott, v. to reject, abstain from
brackish, adj. salty, briny
brusque, adj. curt, abrupt, brisk
bulwark, n. fortification, rampart, embankment
burgeon, v. to sprout, proliferate, multiply
cabal, n. faction, conspiracy, plot
cache, n. hiding place, hoard, store
cacophonous, adj. inharmonious, dissonant, jarring
cadence, n. rhythm, pace, lilt
cajole, v. to coax, persuade, entice
calumny, n. slander, defamation, slur
canon, n. rule, law, tenet
capacious, adj. roomy, voluminous, sizable
capitulate, v. to yield, surrender, submit
capricious, adj. impulsive, whimsical, variable
cathartic, adj. invigorating, therapeutic, liberating
caustic, adj. corrosive, biting, acerbic
caveat, n. caution, warning, stipulation
celerity, n. swiftness, speed, haste
chagrin, n. embarrassment, mortification, disappointment
charisma, n. charm, magnetism, appeal
chary, adj. wary, cautious, suspicious
chicanery, n. trickery, deception, fraud
chide, v. to scold, rebuke, reprimand
chivalrous, adj. gallant, well-mannered, courteous
choleric, adj. bad-tempered, irritable, belligerent
churlish, adj. rude, coarse, boorish
cicatrix, n. scar
circumscrible, v. to restrict, limit, encircle
clamor, v. to demand, exclaim, shout
cleave, v. to split, slice, chop
clemency, n. mercy, leniency, compassion
cloying, adj. syrupy, sugary, nauseating
coagulate, v. to clot, congeal, solidify
cogent, adj. logical, convincing, coherent
collier, n. coal miner
collusion, n. conspiracy, scheme, complicity
comestible, adj. edible, safe to eat
commensurate, adj. proportionate, corresponding, matching
commiserate, v. to empathize, sympathize, show compassion
commodious, adj. ample, spacious, roomy
compendium, n. summary, abstract, list
complacent, adj. contented, self-satisfied, unconcerned
compunction, n. regret, qualm, uneasiness
conciliate, v. to pacify, appease, mollify
condone, v. to pardon, overlook, forgive
conflagration, n. fire, inferno, blaze
conjecture, n. guess, speculation, theory
construe, v. to interpret, analyze, decipher
contentious, adj. controversial, argumentative, debatable
contiguous, adj. adjacent, abutting, bordering
contrition, n. repentance, penitence, remorse
conundrum, n. riddle, puzzle, mystery
convivial, adj. hospitable, cordial, sociable
coquette, n. flirt, tease
corporeal, adj. bodily, physical
corpulent, adj. fleshy, overweight, fat
cosmopolitan, adj. sophisticated, international, multiethnic
cotillion, n. ball, dance, prom
countenance, n. appearance, face, expression
covenant, n. agreement, pledge, contract
credible, adj. believable, plausible, probable
cryptic, adj. puzzling, mysterious, secret
cudgel, n. club, stick, truncheon
culvert, n. drain, sewer, channel
curate, n. clergyman, cleric
cursory, adj. superficial, hasty, perfunctory
dander, n. ire, temper, anger
daub, v. to smear, spread, paint
debonair, adj. refined, suave, elegant
deferential, adj. obsequious, respectful, reverent
deleterious, adj. harmful, injurious, damaging
deliquesce, v. to melt, liquefy
demeanor, n. bearing, behavior, conduct
demur, v. to object, protest, balk
denigrate, v. to belittle, vilify, disparage
denizen, n. resident, citizen, native
deprecate, v. to condemn, denounce, criticize
dereliction, n. abandonment, neglect, desertion
despoil, v. to ruin, plunder, damage
desultory, adj. haphazard, aimless, random
detritus, n. debris, remains, fragments
devolve, v. to delegate, entrust, transfer
diaphanous, adj. sheer, filmy, translucent
diatribe, n. invective, tirade, rant
didactic, adj. informative, educational, instructive
diffident, adj. shy, reticent, timid
dilatory, adj. lagging, slow, sluggish
discomfit, v. to embarrass, mortify, disconcert
disparage, v. to belittle, mock, criticize
dissemble, v. to evade, feign, disguise
dissonance, n. discord, conflict, noise
doctrinaire, adj. inflexible, dogmatic, strict
dogmatic, adj. rigid, unbending, stubborn
dolor, n. sorrow, grief, misery
dour, adj. grim, gloomy, forbidding
dragoon, v. to force, coerce, intimidate
drivel, n. idiocy, foolishness, nonsense
duplicity, n. deception, betrayal, treachery
ebullient, adj. enthusiastic, merry, jovial
echelon, n. rank, level, division
eclectic, adj. mixed, varied, diverse
edification, n. enlightenment, learning, instruction
efficacious, adj. effective, successful, efficient
effrontery, n. boldness, impudence, impertinence
empirical, adj. experiential, verifiable, observed
emulate, v. to imitate, copy, replicate
encomium, n. praise, tribute, accolade
enervate, v. to weaken, debilitate, enfeeble
enigma, n. puzzle, mystery, riddle
ennui, n. boredom, world-weariness, tedium
entreaty, n. plea, appeal, supplication
ephemeral, adj. transient, fleeting, short-lived
epigram, n. saying, witticism, axiom
epistle, n. letter, communiqué, dispatch
equivocal, adj. ambiguous, unclear, indefinite
eremite, n. hermit, recluse, ascetic
ersatz, adj. phony, fake, artificial
escarp, n. cliff, slope, precipice
ethos, n. culture, character, philosophy
eulogize, v. to praise, extol, honor
euphoric, adj. ecstatic, joyous, elated
evanesce, v. to dissipate, vaporize, disappear
evocative, adj. reminiscent, suggestive, extracting
exacerbate, v. to worsen, aggravate, inflame
excoriate, v. to rebuke, attack, censure
exculpate, v. to clear, absolve, exonerate
execrable, adj. deplorable, disgusting, hateful
exegesis, n. interpretation, analysis, construal
exhort, v. to encourage, urge, insist
exonerate, v. to acquit, pardon, vindicate
extirpate, v. to pull up, uproot, abolish
extricate, v. to disentangle, free, rescue
exuberant, adj. enthusiastic, fervent, high-spirited
fabricate, v. to manufacture, construct, concoct
fabulist, n. liar, impostor, fraud
facetious, adj. flippant, humorous, playful
facile, adj. superficial, effortless, simplistic
factotum, n. aide, assistant, subordinate
fastidious, adj. painstaking, finicky, fussy
fatuous, adj. inane, foolish, idiotic
fealty, n. allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness
febrile, adj. feverish, flushed
fecund, adj. fruitful, productive, fertile
felicitous, adj. lucky, fortuitous, apt
fervid, adj. zealous, passionate, ardent
filial, adj. relating to a son or daughter
fissure, n. cleft, crack, crevice
flaccid, adj. sagging, limp, lifeless
flagrant, adj. blatant, brazen, overt
flippant, adj. facetious, glib, offhand
flout, v. to disobey, defy, contravene
foment, v. to provoke, incite, agitate
founder, v. to sink, fail, collapse
fracas, n. disturbance, brawl, quarrel
fractious, adj. peevish, irritable, ill-tempered
fraternal, adj. relating to a brother
fraught, adj. burdened, laden, full
fulsome, adj. flattering, overgenerous, unctuous
furtive, adj. sly, secretive, stealthy
gaffe, n. error, blunder, faux pas
gallantry, n. courtliness, chivalry, heroism
galvanize, v. to rouse, stimulate, incite
gamut, n. range, extent, scope
garrulous, adj. talkative, voluble, chatty
gelid, adj. frozen, cold, icy
gesticulate, v. to gesture, signal
gird, v. to encircle, surround, enclose
glib, adj. smooth, persuasive, offhand
gradient, n. slope, incline, hill
grandiose, adj. pompous, ostentatious, flamboyant
grandiloquent, adj. pretentious, pompous, overbearing
gratuitous, adj. free, unnecessary, superfluous
guile, n. deception, trickery, cunning
gullible, adj. naive, trusting, credulous
hackneyed, adj. overused, trite, cliched
halcyon, adj. peaceful, tranquil, quiet
hapless, adj. unlucky, unfortunate, wretched
harangue, n. tirade, rant, lecture
harbinger, n. omen, forerunner, portent
hauteur, n. arrogance, self-importance, haughtiness
heinous, adj. odious, shocking, monstrous
heresy, n. unorthodoxy, sacrilege, deviation
hiatus, n. break, pause, interval
hirsute, adj. hairy, bristly, shaggy
homage, n. deference, worship, respect
hovel, n. hut, slum, shack
hubris, n. pride, arrogance, audacity
humbug, n. hypocrisy, duplicity, insincerity
iconoclast, n. dissident, rebel, radical
idyllic, adj. tranquil, relaxing, carefree
ignoble, adj. reprehensible, dastardly, shameful
ignominy, n. disgrace, humiliation, shame
illicit, adj. illegal, illegitimate, criminal
imbroglio, n. entanglement, embarrassment, fix
immaterial, adj. irrelevant, unimportant, insignificant
impecunious, adj. destitute, poor, penniless
impervious, adj. impermeable, resilient, impenetrable
implacable, adj. ruthless, relentless, merciless
importune, v. to beg, beset, pester
imprecate, v. to curse, hex
impugn, v. to accuse, challenge, attack
inchoate, adj. unformed, undeveloped, incomplete
incontrovertible, adj. unquestionable, indisputable, irrefutable
inculcate, v. to instill, indoctrinate, instruct
indigent, adj. poor, impoverished, needy
indomitable, adj. unconquerable, invincible, strong
ineffable, adj. inexpressible, indescribable, indefinable
infamy, n. disgrace, notoriety, disrepute
ingenuous, adj. unsophisticated, naive, candid
inimical, adj. detrimental, injurious, unfavorable
iniquity, n. wickedness, evil, injustice
innocuous, adj. harmless, unobjectionable, inoffensive
inscrutable, adj. impenetrable, enigmatic, mysterious
insipid, adj. trite, dull, colorless
intrepid, adj. bold, resolute, valiant
invidious, adj. offensive, unpleasant, undesirable
irascible, adj. short-tempered, irritable, cranky
jaded, adj. world-weary, cynical, blasé
jejune, adj. immature, unsophisticated, sophomoric
jettison, v. to throw away, discard, dump
juggernaut, n. force, deity
keen, v. to lament, bemoan, wail
ken, n. knowledge, understanding, comprehension
knave, n. villain, criminal, scoundrel
kowtow, v. to conform, fawn, grovel
lachrymose, adj. tearful, weepy, sentimental
lackey, n. minion, assistant, servant
laggard, n. straggler, idler, slacker
lambaste, v. to beat, berate, scold
languid, adj. leisurely, lethargic, unhurried
latent, adj. dormant, underlying, potential
laud, v. to praise, glorify, acclaim
lethargic, adj. weary, sluggish, inactive
levity, n. frivolity, wit, flippancy
lithe, adj. supple, lissome, graceful
loquacious, adj. talkative, garrulous, wordy
lugubrious, adj. mournful, doleful, melancholy
lurid, adj. shocking, explicit, vivid
lyrical, adj. expressive, poetic, emotional
macabre, adj. gruesome, ghoulish, horrid
macerate, v. to soak, steep, pulp
machinate, v. to plot, conspire, scheme
maelstrom, n. whirlpool, vortex, turbulence
maladroit, adj. gawky, awkward, inept
malaise, n. dissatisfaction, discomfort, unease
malefactor, n. scoundrel, criminal, evildoer
malice, n. spite, hatred, wickedness
malign, v. to smear, slander, disparage
malleable, adj. yielding, dutiful, adaptable
manumit, v. to free, emancipate, liberate
martinet, n. despot, disciplinarian, tyrant
masticate, v. to chew, munch, chomp
melee, n. fracas, brawl, skirmish
mellifluous, adj. smooth, sweet, honeyed
mendacity, n. deceit, dishonesty, untruthfulness
mendicant, n. beggar, almsman, pauper
mentor, n. counselor, tutor, adviser
mercenary, adj. money-oriented, acquisitive, grasping
mere, n. pond, lake, marsh
meretricious, adj. vulgar, gaudy, specious
meticulous, adj. painstaking, careful, thorough
mettle, n. courage, fortitude, pluck
mien, n. bearing, appearance, demeanor
misanthropic, adj. mistrustful, skeptical, scornful
mitigate, v. to moderate, alleviate, ease
modulate, v. to adjust, modify, vary
mollify, v. to pacify, calm, soothe
moribund, adj. dying, declining, failing
mundane, adj. commonplace, ordinary, dull
munificent, adj. generous, charitable, benevolent
mutable, adj. alterable, changeable, variable
nabob, n. ruler, noble, aristocrat
nadir, n. low point, depths, bottom
naiveté, n. innocence, ingenuousness, artlessness
narcissism, n. self-love, conceit, vanity
nascent, adj. blossoming, budding, emerging
nebulous, adj. cloudy, hazy, imprecise
nemesis, n. archenemy, rival, retribution
nettle, v. to irritate, vex, annoy
nicety, n. detail, subtlety, fastidiousness
niggardly, adj. grasping, parsimonious, stingy
noisome, adj. offensive, foul, rank
nonchalant, adj. unconcerned, indifferent, cool
nostrum, n. remedy, potion, panacea
noxious, adj. harmful, lethal, toxic
nugatory, adj. trifling, invalid, unimportant
numismatist, n. coin collector
obdurate, adj. stubborn, obstinate, unyielding
obese, adj. fat, stout, corpulent
obfuscate, v. to complicate, confuse, obscure
obsequious, adj. sycophantic, flattering, fawning
obsolete, adj. outdated, passe, archaic
obstreperous, adj. defiant, confrontational, aggressive
obtrusive, adj. blatant, prominent, brash
obviate, v. to preclude, avert, hinder
occlusion, n. obstruction, blockage, obstacle
odious, adj. abhorrent, hateful, vile
oeuvre, n. composition, masterwork, lifework
officious, adj. self-important, bureaucratic, overbearing
oligarchy, n. government by the few
omnipotent, adj. all-powerful, invincible, almighty
onerous, adj. burdensome, oppressive, troublesome
opaque, adj. dense, obscure, unclear
opprobrium, n. disgrace, ignominy, dishonor
oracle, n. seer, soothsayer, visionary
oratory, n. speechifying, rhetoric, eloquence
oscillate, v. to swing, vacillate, sway
osculate, v. to kiss, buss, contact
ossify, v. to harden, solidify, set
ostentatious, adj. showy, flamboyant, pretentious
palaver, n. chatter, gossip, chitchat
palisade, n. picket, fence, fortification
palliative, adj. soothing, relieving, easing
palpable, adj. tangible, obvious, physical
paltry, adj. trivial, trifling, unimportant
panacea, n. remedy, cure-all, solution
panache, n. flair, elan, style
panegyric, n. tribure, encomium, compliment
paradigm, n. model, example, archetype
paramount, adj. dominant, supreme, principal
pariah, n. outcast, exile, untouchable
paroxysm, n. outburst, convulsion, spasm
parsimony, n. stinginess, frugality, economy
pathos, n. pity, sympathy, sorrow
patois, n. dialect, regionalism, vernacular
paucity, n. scarceness, lack, rarity
peccadillo, n. offense, transgression, sin
pecuniary, adj. monetary, financial, economic
pedagogy, n. teaching, education, instruction
pedantic, adj. dull, doctrinaire, obscure
penitence, n. atonement, repentance, regret
pensive, adj. thoughtful, brooding, meditative
penumbra, n. shadow, obscurity, shade
penurious, adj. indigent, destitute, stingy
peon, n. laborer, farm worker, drudge
perambulate, v. to roam, stroll, amble
perfidy, n. betrayal, treachery, disloyalty
perfunctory, adj. mechanical, unthinking, indifferent
peripatetic, adj. wandering, roving, itinerant
permeable, adj. porous, leaky, penetrable
pernicious, adj. deadly, destructive, harmful
persiflage, n. banter, chat, repartee
perspicacious, adj. astute, insightful, shrewd
petulant, adj. irritable, peevish, bad-tempered
phalanx, n. formation, configuration, arrangement
phantasm, n. apparition, specter, ghost
pharisee, n. hypocrite, goody-goody
philanthropic, adj. benevolent, altruistic, charitable
philatelist, n. stamp collector
philistine, n. boor, barbarian, lout
phlegmatic, adj. placid, undemonstrative, apathetic
picayune, adj. trivial, paltry, worthless
piebald, adj. spotted, mottled, multicolored
piety, n. devotion, faithfulness, reverence
pilfer, v. to steal, embezzle, filch
pinion, v. to shackle, immobilize, bind
placate, v. to calm, pacify, appease
platitude, n. cliché, banality, truism
plaudit, n. acclaim, recognition, approval
plethora, n. excess, overabundance, surplus
polemic, n. argument, controversy, refutation
politic, adj. artful, shrewd, diplomatic
portentous, adj. ominous, significant, pompous
portico, n. entry, walkway, porch
postulate, v. to hypothesize, assert, assume
potable, adj. drinkable, clean
pragmatic, adj. practical, sensible, down-to-earth
prate, v. to chatter, jabber, babble
precipitant, adj. headlong, rash, impulsive
precocious, adj. advanced, gifted, premature
predilection, n. partiality, tendency, preference
preponderant, adj. prevalent, predominant, influential
prerogative, n. right, privilege, sanction
prescient, adj. clairvoyant, psychic, perceptive
prevaricate, v. to lie, evade, hedge
probity, n. integrity, honesty, morality
proclivity, n. penchant, tendency, liking
prodigal, adj. profligate, wasteful, dissolute
prodigious, adj. extraordinary, phenomenal, immense
profligate, adj. dissolute, decadent, extravagant
prognosticate, v. to predict, forecast, portend
proliferate, v. to multiply, breed, reproduce
prolix, adj. verbose, wordy, long-winded
promulgate, v. to broadcast, publicize, disseminate
propinquity, n. closeness, proximity, relationship
propitious, adj. favorable, auspicious, promising
prosaic, adj. straightforward, matter-of-fact, pedestrian
proscribe, v. to forbid, ban, prohibit
provisional, adj. temporary, interim, short term
prowess, n. skill, competence, expertise
prurient, adj. lascivious, salacious, lecherous
puerile, adj. juvenile, childish, immature
pugnacious, adj. combative, belligerent, argumentative
pulverize, v. to crush, macerate, mash
purloin, v. to steal, pilfer, rob
pusillanimous, adj. cowardly, timid, spineless
putative, adj. supposed, alleged, presumed
putrefy, v. to decay, rot, molder
quaff, v. to drink, imbibe, guzzle
quagmire, n. predicament, quandary, dilemma
quash, v. to defeat, suppress, nullify
quay, n. wharf, dock, jetty
querulous, adj. petulant, complaining, whiny
quiescent, adj. latent, inert, dormant
quintessential, adj. exemplary, prototypical, classic
quixotic, adj. idealistic, romantic, impulsive
quotidian, adj. everyday, commonplace, usual
rabid, adj. zealous, fanatical, fervent
raffish, adj. carefree, breezy, jaunty
raillery, n. teasing, banter, ridicule
rambunctious, adj. boisterous, unruly, disorderly
rampant, adj. unrestrained, widespread, extensive
rapport, n. affinity, bond, relationship
rarefied, adj. esoteric, obscure, highbrow
ratiocinate, v. to reason, calculate, deduce
ravenous, adj. starving, famished, voracious
recalcitrant, adj. unmanageable, unruly, defiant
recant, v. to disavow, retract, renounce
reciprocate, v. to interchange, return, counter
recondite, adj. abstruse, ambiguous, complex
recreant, adj. faithless, disloyal, craven
rectitude, n. decency, morality, virtue
redolent, adj. aromatic, fragrant, reminiscent
redress, v. to rectify, equalize, remedy
redundant, adj. unnecessary, superfluous, excessive
refractory, adj. disobedient, willful, resistant
refute, v. to contest, disprove, rebut
reiterate, v. to repeat, restate, reaffirm
reliquary, n. receptacle, shrine, coffer
remiss, adj. negligent, careless, slipshod
remonstrate, v. to argue, dispute, protest
reparation, n. amends, compensation, reimbursement
replete, adj. full, sated, stuffed
reprobate, n. degenerate, rascal, troublemaker
resilient, adj. flexible, hardy, durable
resolute, adj. determined, steadfast, unyielding
respite, n. reprieve, break, rest
revile, v. to censure, berate, abuse
rhapsodize, v. to enthuse, rave, gush
rhetoric, n. discourse, oratory, expression
ribald, adj. bawdy, lewd, vulgar
rift, n. fissure, crevice, schism
rigorous, adj. demanding, laborious, meticulous
risible, adj. laughable, humorous, ludicrous
rostrum, n. pulpit, dais, podium
rout, n. defeat, disorder, retreat
rubicund, adj. rosy, ruddy, red
rue, v. to regret, lament, repent
ruminate, v. to ponder, mull over, reflect
saccharine, adj. sugary, cloying, syrupy
sacrilege, n. irreverence, blasphemy, profanation
sacrosanct, adj. sacred, inviolable, hallowed
salacious, adj. immoral, indecent, lascivious
salubrious, adj. healthful, wholesome, beneficial
salutary, adj. constructive, remedial, wholesome
sanction, v. to permit, authorize, endorse
sanguine, adj. upbeat, confident, optimistic
sapient, adj. wise, astute, discerning
sardonic, adj. sarcastic, derisive, mocking
satrap, n. ruler, sovereign, emperor
schism, n. division, rift, rupture
scintilla, n. iota, bit, speck
screed, n. sermon, harangue, lecture
scrupulous, adj. painstaking, conscientious, thorough
scurrilous, adj. defamatory, scandalous, abusive
sectarian, adj. partisan, parochial
secular, adj. worldly, lay, humanistic
sedition, n. treason, subversion, rebellion
segue, n. transition, conversion
seminal, adj. influential, decisive, creative
senescent, adj. aging, maturing
sententious, adj. moralizing, pompous, didactic
sepulcher, n. tomb, crypt, mausoleum
serendipity, n. chance, destiny, accident
servile, adj. submissive, docile, subservient
simulate, v. to imitate, replicate, model
slue, v. to pivot, rotate, veer
sluice, n. channel, valve, floodgate
soigné, adj. elegant, sophisticated, fashionable
solace, n. consolation, comfort, succor
solicitous, adj. concerned, anxious, caring
somnolent, adj. sleepy, drowsy, lethargic
sonorous, adj. resonant, echoing, loud
soporific, adj. monotonous, hypnotic, sleep-inducing
sordid, adj. foul, repugnant, squalid
sororal, adj. relating to a sister
spectral, adj. ghostly, ethereal, vaporous
splenetic, adj. irritable, ill-humored, surly
spurious, adj. bogus, inauthentic, illegitimate
spurn, v. to reject, scorn, disdain
stalwart, adj. valiant, sturdy, steadfast
static, adj. fixed, unmoving, stationary
staunch, adj. faithful, loyal, dependable
stentorian, adj. loud, booming, thunderous
stigma, n. disgrace, shame, ignominy
stipulate, v. to specify, require, demand
stodgy, adj. dull, stuffy, unimaginative
stoic, adj. indifferent, unresponsive, apathetic
strident, adj. shrill, discordant, clamorous
stultify, v. to cripple, deaden, hamper
stupefy, v. to daze, bewilder, stun
suave, adj. smooth, debonair, urbane
subjugate, v. to overpower, conquer, defeat
sublime, adj. impressive, majestic, supreme
subtle, adj. elusive, abstruse, indefinable
succor, n. assistance, help, aid
succulent, adj. juicy, luscious, delectable
supercilious, adj. disdainful, patronizing, haughty
supersede, v. to replace, supplant, succeed
surmise, v. to infer, deduce, conclude
surreptitious, adj. sneaky, stealthy, clandestine
sybaritic, adj. sensuous, luxurious, pleasurable
sycophant, n. flatterer, toady, yes-man
symposium, n. meeting, conference, convention
synchronous, adj. simultaneous, contemporary, concurrent
synthesize, v. to integrate, amalgamate, manufacture
tacit, adj. unspoken, implied, inferred
taciturn, adj. reserved, reticent, silent
tangible, adj. palpable, corporeal, substantial
tawdry, adj. crude, gaudy, cheap
temerity, n. recklessness, gall, audacity
temperance, n. self-restraint, moderation, abstinence
tenable, adj. plausible, defensible, justifiable
tenacity, n. persistence, obstinacy, doggedness
tendentious, adj. partisan, biased, opinionated
tenebrous, adj. shady, gloomy, murky
tenet, n. belief, precept, doctrine
tenuous, adj. unconvincing, fragile, weak
tepid, adj. lukewarm, unenthusiastic, apathetic
thespian, adj. dramatic, theatrical, staged
timorous, adj. timid, fearful, anxious
torpor, n. lethargy, languor, inactivity
torrid, adj. sweltering, hot, sizzling
tortuous, adj. winding, circuitous, meandering
tractable, adj. obedient, dutiful, governable
transitory, adj. short-lived, impermanent, fleeting
transverse, adj. crosswise, oblique, slanted
tremulous, adj. quivering, shaky, wavering
trenchant, adj. forceful, effective, incisive
trepidation, n. apprehension, foreboding, dread
trite, adj. stale, hackneyed, pedestrian
truculent, adj. quarrelsome, argumentative, defiant
truism, n. cliché, platitude, maxim
tumult, n. clamor, commotion, hubbub
turbid, adj. murky, cloudy, muddled
ubiquitous, adj. omnipresent, everywhere
ululate, v. to lament, wail, howl
umbrage, n. offense, resentment, indignation
unctuous, adj. oily, ingratiating, obsequious
undulate, v. to ripple, surge, heave
upbraid, v. to scold, berate, chastise
urbane, adj. suave, refined, elegant
usurp, v. to appropriate, commandeer, seize
uxorial, adj. relating to a wife
vacillate, v. to fluctuate, hesitate, waver
vacuous, adj. empty, inane, vacant
validate, v. to sanction, confirm, corroborate
vapid, adj. bland, lifeless, insipid
vaunt, v. to boast, brag, crow
vehement, adj. forceful, fervid, passionate
venal, adj. mercenary, corruptible
venerable, adj. esteemed, respected, honored
verbose, adj. wordy, garrulous, loquacious
verdant, adj. green, grassy, fertile
verisimilitude, n. truth, reality, authenticity
vernacular, n. dialect, idiom, argot
vertiginous, adj. dizzy, giddy, reeling
vicarious, adj. secondhand, delegated
vicissitude, n. variation, mutation, complication
vilify, v. to malign, disparage, defame
virtuosity, n. genius, talent, skill
vitriol, n. wrath, ire, spleen
vociferous, adj. voluble, noisy, raucous
voracious, adj. ravenous, greedy, insatiable
vouchsafe, v. to grant, deign, bestow
wanton, adj. immodest, unchaste, lewd
wastrel, n. spendthrift, squanderer, profligate
wheedle, v. to cajole, inveigle, coax
whet, v. to sharpen, hone, stimulate
wily, adj. sly, cunning, devious
winnow, v. to sift, separate, extract
wizened, adj. shriveled, wrinkled, withered
wrangle, v. to quarrel, bicker, argue
xeric, adj. dry, sere, desert
yaw, v. to swerve, veer, weave
zenith, n. summit, apex, pinnacle
zephyr, n. breeze, gust, waft

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