General Knowledge

Important Dynasties in History

A. Dynasties of England

Some Saxon Kings Normans/Blois House of Plantagenet (before 1066) (1066–1154) (1154–1399)
Ethelred I William I (“the Conqueror”) Matilda
Alfred (“the Great”) William II Henry II
Edgar (“the Peaceful”) Henry I Richard I (“Lionheart”)
Edward II (“the Martyr”) Stephen
Ethelred II (“the Unready”)
Edward III (“the Confessor”)
House of Lancaster House of York House of Tudor
(1399–1461) (1461–1485) (1485–1603)
Henry IV Edward IV Henry VII
Henry V Edward V Henry VIII
Henry VI Richard III Edward VI
Lady Jane Grey
Mary I
Elizabeth I
House of Saxe-Coburg-
House of Stuart House of Hanover Gotha/House of Windsor 
(1603–1714) (1714–1901) (1901–present)
James I George I Victoria
Charles I George II Edward VII
(Oliver and Richard Cromwell) George III George V
Charles II George IV Edward VIII
James II William IV George VI
Mary II Victoria Elizabeth II
William III

B. Dynasties of France
Carolingians → Capetians → Valois → Bourbons → First Republic → First Empire →
Second Republic → Second Empire

C. Dynasties of Russia

Some Czars of the House of Rurik Some Czars of the House of Romanov (864–1613) (1613–1917)
Ivan IV (“the Terrible”) Peter I (“the Great”)
Boris Godunov Catherine II (“the Great”)
Alexander I
Nicholas I
Alexander II
Alexander III
Nicholas II

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