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9 Important Historical Eras

Era - Dates - Why It’s Important

1. Pre-Columbian Era  the 15th century   before the time in the Americas preceding European influence, before the Age of Exploration
2. Classical Era 8th century B.C. to 6th century  A.D.   a long period of cultural history centered in  the eastern Mediterranean and encompassing  the rise and fall of the Greeks and Romans; politics, philosophy, art, and literature were in the forefront during this time
3. Dark Ages around 500– 1000 A.D. a period of decline in learning and culture that  followed the fall of Rome
4. Middle Ages around 500– 1450 A.D. a “middle” period that formed the bridge  between ancient and modern times
5. Renaissance 14th–17th centuries  a time of cultural rebirth throughout Europe; great advances were made in art and science
6. Reformation 16th–17th centuries  an attempt to reform the Catholic Church led by Martin Luther; it resulted in the establishment of Protestant churches
7. Age of Enlightenment 18th century an age of reform based on individualism and reason; this philosophy gave rise to the French and American revolutions
8. Industrial Revolution late 18th– century  a time of rapid advances and changes in 19th centuries manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation in Western Europe and America
9. Manifest Destiny 19th century a period of rapid growth and seizure of territory based on the belief that America was destined to extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific

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