General Knowledge

75 Important Root Words You Should Know

Root - Meaning  - Examples

ami, amo to love amiable, amorous
aud, audit, aur to hear audible, auditory, aural
bene, ben good benevolent, benign
bio life biography, biology
biblio book bibliography, bibliophile
brev short abbreviate, brevity
chron time chronology, synchronize
cogn, gnos to know cognitive, agnostic
corp body corpulent, corporation
cred to believe credible, incredulous
dict to say indictment, dictation
doc, doct to teach docile, indoctrinate
duc, duct to lead conducive, induction
fac, fact to make, to do efface, factory
fid belief confide, fidelity
fluct, flux to flow fluctuation, influx
form shape format, cuneiform
fract, frag to break infraction, fragment
gen to produce generation, congenital
geo earth geographer, geology
grad, gress to step, to move graduate, ingress
graph to write photograph, graphics
ject to throw project, rejection
junct to join conjunction, adjunct
lect to choose, to gather select, collection
loc place locale, locomotion
log to say logical, analog
luc, lum, lust light lucid, luminous, illustrate
man to make, to do manager, manufacture
mem to recall remember, memorable
mit, miss to send remit, admission
mob, mov, mot to move mobile, remove, motion
nasc, nat to be born nascent, prenatal
nom, nym name nominal, homonym
nov new renovate, novice
oper to work operate, inoperable
path feeling empathy, sympathetic
ped, pod foot pedal, podiatrist
pel, puls to push repel, impulse
pend to hang pendant, impending
phil love philosophy, necrophilia
phon sound phonograph, telephone
pict to paint picture, depict
port to carry export, portage
psych mind psychology, psychic
quer, quest to ask query, request
rupt to break interrupt, rupture
scrib, scrip to write inscribe, script
sens, sent to feel sensation, sentient
sequ to follow sequence, consequential
soci companion society, associate
sol alone solo, solitude
solu, solut, solv to loosen, to release soluble, solution, solve
spec, spect to look speculate, inspection
spir to breathe spirit, respiration
stab, stat to stand stability, statue
tact to touch tactile, contact
tain, tent to hold maintain, contents
tele far telescope, teleport
tend, tens to stretch extend, tensile
term end terminal, exterminate
terr earth territory, subterranean
therm heat thermal, thermometer
tors, tort to twist torsion, contort
tract to pull contract, tractable
uni one universe, unicycle
vac empty vacuous, evacuate
ven, vent to come convene, venture
ver true verify, verisimilitude
verb word verbal, adverbial
vers, vert to turn reverse, convert
vid, vis to see video, invisible
vit, viv to live vital, convivial
voc, voke to call vocal, invoke
vol, volt, volv to roll convoluted, revolt, volvox

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