General Knowledge

21 Important Artistic Movements

Movement - Characteristic  - Some Key Followers

abstract nonrepresentational, bold colors and Pollock, Rothko
expressionism brushstrokes, spattered or poured paint
art nouveau curving lines, asymmetry, natural forms Klimt
baroque grandeur, richness, dramatic themes Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer
Bauhaus geometric, spare, functional Miës van der Rohe
cubism basic geometric forms, objects viewed from all sides at once Picasso, Braque
Dada absurdism, randomness, incongruity Arp, Duchamp, Ray
expressionism expression of emotion through color and brushstroke Gauguin, Munch
fauvism vivid colors, simple forms Matisse, Rouault
impressionism variations in light and color, short brushstrokes  Manet, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne
op art optical illusions that suggest movement Vasarely
photographic realism exact replication of forms from real life Wyeth
pointillism tiny dots of color rather than brushstrokes Pissarro, Seurat
pop art subject matter and style derived from popular culture  Oldenberg, Warhol
primitivism bold, childlike strokes; bright colors Klee
realism accurate, detailed representation of everyday life Courbet, Millet
rococo airiness, delicacy, elaborate curves, natural forms  Fragonard, Watteau
romanticism emotion and picturesque expression Millet, Delacroix
surrealism emphasis on the subconscious and dreams, fantastic imagery Dalí, Magritte
symbolism indirect expression of ideas through symbols Gauguin, Munch

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